Guess The “SUPER ART FIGHT IV” Date Contest!

For the past few months, no matter what show we’ve done, people have asked…

When’s the next real Super Art Fight event? When are you going to rock Baltimore once more?

Well, we’re happy to announce that this Monday, June 1st, we will announce the date and location of Super Art Fight IV.  However, we want you, the fans, to get in on the action.

Here’s the deal…in the comments section of this post, we want you to guess when Super Art Fight IV will be.  First to get it right will get free admission for them and a friend to SAFIV.

Of course, this wouldn’t be fair without a clue or two…

So here are your clues: Summer, Large Event, Before and Not the typical day.

Leave your guesses in the comments, and come back at 12:01am on June 1st, as we FINALLY announce the date for SUPER ART FIGHT IV!

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  1. Rosscott says:

    Mr. Mustard, in the gazebo, on a tuesday!

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