First Match Announced for SAF4…

…and it’s the Super Art Fight “Do or Die” Battle Royale!

As mentioned in the video announcement above, on July 16th at the Ottobar, we will proudly present the first ever “Do or Die” Battle Royale.

Six talents, all of whom are brand new to the SAF Stage, will fight for the right to be a part of the Super Art Fight roster. And as a twist, judging their performances won’t be the audience…it will be members of the Super Art Fight roster proper.

Today, we can announce the first two confirmed talents for this battle royale: Dirk Tiede and Kelsey Wailes!

Dirk Tiede you may know best as the author of the online manga Paradigm Shift. A talent we’ve wanted to feature for some time here at Super Art Fight, he comes to the Ottobar on July 16th wanting to prove he can hang with the current roster.  In the case of Kelsey Wailes, she’s been building a name for herself on Deviant Art with her stunning fanart of series as diverse as Death Note and House, and can work many creative styles from photo realistic to chibi.

Both artists will have to fight hard, as they have to each rise above 5 other competitors and prove themselves worthy of a slot on the SAF crew.

Keep it tuned to as we get ready to announce their fellow opponents in the “Do or Die” battle royale, the other matches on the card, and so much more as the countdown to SAF4 rolls ever onward!

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