SAF4 Update: An Open Challenge?


As the weeks, days and hours count down to Super Art Fight‘s return to the Ottobar on July 16th for Super Art Fight 4, the entire  SAF roster is working hard and training like never before.

Daily draw offs, practicing their broken/dried marker toss offs, dozens of canvas stepping lunges,  all so they can be the best.

So it should come as no surprise that in practicing, another challenge was tossed out for Super Art Fight 4.

But what was the surprise? Who put it out there.

Ms. Jamie Baldwin.

Baldwin is best known as the first female art fighter, and seeing Michael Bracco, who she defeated in the opening bout of Super Art Fight: Round One, and seeing him in the main event has made her add another f-adjective to her title….fiesty.

In a statement forwarded by the SAF Championship Committee to us here at, Jamie Baldwin has issued an open challenge to ANY member of the Super Art Fight roster for July 16th.

Who will step up and face the creator of Sudden Valley?  We’ll have the exclusive announcement next week.  One things for sure, whoever it is, this bout will have massive ramifications on the Super Art Fight rankings!

Join us on July 16th at the Ottobar when this confrontation hits the canvas! Buy your tickets now!

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