SAF4 Update: The Challenge…Answered?

As you can see above, Super Art Fighter Jamie Baldwin was all kinds of ready to continue her campaign to find an opponent for her open challenge for Super Art Fight 4 at The Ottobar on July 16th.

Or at least we think that’s what her new manager was trying to say. Apparently, the Super Art Fight cameras can no longer be graced with the presence of Ms. Baldwin. Or so her lawyer says.

Anyway, as we went to tape, a mysterious letter was delivered by running courier.

That letter contained an answer to her challenge.  A duplicate copy of this letter was also forwarded to the SAF Championship Committee, who were humbled by the opponents commitment to an outdated delivery system.

Her opponent at Super Art Fight 4?

Christopher “Chris ‘Impact’ Impink” Impinkerlli!

Chris Impink has been on the losing side of the Art Fight world for far too long, and as the man who without his Iron Artist competition we wouldn’t even be here with, he has a bone to pick with Ms. Baldwin and her sudden change of attitude.

So, on Thursday Night, July 16th at the Ottobar, one night before Otakon 2009, the challenge will be answered. Baldwin will have to put up, or shut up, as it will be—

Jamie Baldwin vs. Chris Impink.

Who will win? Join us in the audience to find out.

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