SAF4 Update: A New Alliance Formed?

More interesting video captured by the roving Super Art Fight Camera Crew, as we find that Nick Borkowicz & Jamie Baldwin have apparently formed an alliance?

It’s easy to see why, as they’re united by their distaste for one Michael Bracco.

Not sure why?

Let us break it down for you.

At our second event, Super Art Fight: Round One, Jamie Baldwin and Michael Bracco battled in the opening bout, Baldwin defeating Bracco.  At our third show, Bracco, Baldwin, Borkowicz and Baldwin’s opponent for July 16, Chris Impink were involved in the first ever Art Fight Battle Royale, the winners of which went on to the following tag match.   Bracco and Borkowicz won.

Ms. Baldwin, felt slighted, but nowhere near as slighted as she did, as she saw Michael Bracco (with an admitted 2-1 record, due to his two wins at Super Art Fight III Turbo) walk into the main event of our next show.  It’s wildly believed that this is what caused her to snap, and become what she is now.

Remember how Bracco & Borkowicz won the Battle Royale together?  Well, their rivalry increased quickly, with the competitors exchanging kicks, for the first physical contact in Super Art Fight history!  Now, of course, they are but two of the four competitors in the main event.

It’s a tangled web we weave here at Super Art Fight, full of deception, back stabbing, injuries, championships, and now…alliances being made.

How will it all play out? What does Michael Bracco have to say about this? Who will win at Super Art Fight 4?

Keep your mouses clicking on, and join us at The Ottobar on July 16th to find out!

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  1. michael says:

    now its on guys…I want a 2 vs 1 death match with you two!!!

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