SAF4 Update: Final 4 Announced For ‘Do or Die’ Battle Royale!


With just 10 days remaining until the talented artists of Super Art Fight grace the Ottobar stage once more for Super Art Fight 4, we’re going bananas behind the scenes, finalizing all the details before we go live at 9pm on July 16th.

One of the details we’ve been working on was putting together the full lineup for the Do Or Die Battle Royale.

Incase you missed our video update on the matter, here’s what makes this special battle royale such a “do or die” moment for the talent involved.

All 6 participants in this bout are brand-new to the Super Art Fight stage, and after battling for 30 relentless minutes, they will be judged…not by the audience as per normal, but by a jury of their peers – The Super Art Fight roster.

The winner that evening will be offered a slot on the regular Super Art Fight roster.  Literally, on July 16th, you will be witness to the birth of the next Super Art Fight superstar!

So, without further adieu…who’s on tap?

Previously announced:

  • Dirk Tiede – The creator/artist behind the online manga Paradigm Shift, Tiede joins us all the way from Boston, MA, and intends to bring his craft to a new level on the Super Art Fight canvas!
  • Kelsey Wailes – Having built her name on DeviantArt, Kelsey is a diverse artist who can not only wow you with her skill at adorable chibi art, she can also make your jaw drop with realistic portraits.  Best known for her pop culture referencing art, she’s armed with the tools to take on not just her fellow competitiors, but also the omni-present Wheel of Death.

Just announced:

  • Kaitlin Smallwood – A friend and rival to Kelsey Wailes, Kaitlin brings an anime styled discipline to Super Art Fight.  She’s been wowing viewers at DeviantArt, but can she take her skills to the next level at the Ottobar?
  • Bryan Prindiville – Bryan’s taken on the massive canvas before at Katsucon 15’s Iron Artist VIII as part of a team with Applegeek’s Mohammed “Hawk” Haque, but he’s never been a part of Super Art Fight proper.  He’s wowed our roster with his diverse comic work as illustrator of Hello With Cheese and as creator of Bedlam Court, but how will he hold up against five opponents and without a partner?
  • Robin Edwards – As part of the wildly popular Strawberry Comics collective, Robin has cut her teeth in the comics world with such series as Cardboard Angel, TV Circuit, Hang In There Shimura, and Fractured Kisses. But she looks to strike out beyond her “cute” artistic stylings and bring the PAIN as part of the “Do or Die” Battle Royale! Will July 16th be her night?
  • Chris Flick – Last, but far from least, is Chris Flick, the artist/creator of Capes & Babes. Chris brings two major strengths to the table in this first ever six way art fight…his experience, and his traditional cartooning style. Flick brings time-tested fundimentals to the Battle Royale, and it is his adherence to these classic styles which may give him the inside advantage over his risk-taking opponents.

Six Competitors. One gigantic canvas. ONE SLOT ON THE SUPER ART FIGHT ROSTER.

Who will make their name at the Ottobar on July 16th? Join us live and find out who survives!

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