SAF4: Full Results And Where We Go From Here!


This past Thursday night, Super Art Fight returned to The Ottobar and left it forever changed with Super Art Fight 4!

Over the course of the evening, we presented 3 bouts of a level unseen by SAF audiences before, and the excitement was high as a new SAF roster member was brought in, Chris Impink broke his losing streak, and we gained a new Super Art Fight champion in Michael Bracco!

Full Results:

  • “Do Or Die” Battle Royale: Kelsey Wailes defeats Chris Flick, Bryan Prindiville, Dirk Tiede, Kaitlin Smallwood and Robin Edwards to become the newest full-time member of the Super Art Fight Roster!  An incredible performance by all 6 competitors, and although only Kelsey has a guaranteed spot, every one of the competitors will be welcomed back with open arms to Super Art Fight competitions in the future.  True talent was on display here, folks!
  • Open Challenge Answered!: Chris Impink (1-2) defeats Jamie Baldwin (1-2).  It looks like the new attitude for Jamie Baldwin didn’t lead to victory, as she was defeated in a surprise turn of events leading to the first on record victory for Chris Impink!  It seems that Baldwin is already doing what she can to prevent her losing streak, immediately firing her new management post-match. Luckily, thanks to DJ Sheephead, the Keyboard Cat was able to play him off.
  • Fatal 4-Way For The Super Art Fight Championship: Michael Bracco (3-1) defeated Champion Garth Graham (2-1), Nick “Ghostfreehood” Borkowicz (1-3) and Jami “Angry Zen Master” Noguchi (1-2).  For the first time in Super Art Fight history, the Championship was defended in a Fatal 4-Way, and to Graham’s credit, he did everything he could to keep the belt around his waist (even drawing on the BACK of a canvas!), but in the end, the numbers game was too much for him, as the rising star of Michael Bracco won over the crowd, and won him the Super Art Fight championship.

Where We Go From Here:

  • The long running Borkowicz/Noguchi fued came to an end at this show, and we’re happy to say it ended with a handshake. They’ve shared 3 main events at Super Art Fight, and are now both ready to work their way back up. Where will they be next? Stay tuned.
  • Michael Bracco emerged as the first star to really work up the rankings at Super Art Fight, moving from an opening card loss to winning the main event at arguably our biggest show to date.  But now he faces the Super Art Fight Championship curse. 2 champions to date, and NEITHER has survived their first defense!  Will he be able to walk out of Super Art Fight 5 as champion?
  • Kelsey Wailes made a name for herself in the opening bout, but now she has the veteran roster to take on at future shows.  She’s proven that she can stand out from the pack, but can she stand along side the existing roster?  Our locker room believes that she can, as they chose her as the victor–but only time will tell!
  • Chris Impink FINALLY gets his due, and don’t think he isn’t planning on adding another victory to his win collum. Impink was the man who inspired Art Fight with his Iron Artist competition, and you have to believe a shot at the Championship is in his wishes.  Will he make it to the top of the mountain?

Next Live Events On Tap:

  • Hamilton Street Festival – THIS WEEKEND! July 25th.
  • Connecticon 2009 – July 31st-August 2nd.

More Details On Both Events To Be Announced Soon…

When’s Super Art Fight 5?

Soon. Very soon.

In the meantime, stay tuned to as we upload photos and video from this last show, and keep you updated on future events. Follow us on Twitter for the latest news!

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4 Responses to SAF4: Full Results And Where We Go From Here!

  1. Rossmom says:

    If I don’t get advance notice for Super Art Fight 5, to say you will be in big trouble, would be a real understatement (if I could make it to Hartford, well, that would be ok, but I can’t).


  2. Rossmom says:

    Vids were really good! And just so you know, I couldn’t possibly draw 1/8th as well as the background I saw. But, I still can do a mean stick figure, so don’t count me out at the next art fight (WHICH I WILL KNOW ABOUT IN ADVANCE–hint, hint).

  3. Shannon says:

    Some random photos from Thursday

  4. Rossmom says:

    Why am I not surprised in the least that it was SRO?

    I wouldn’t have expected anything less.

    Somehow, I don’t think I would ever make it into the competition, but I would sure have fun watching the whole thing.

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