CONNECTICON 2009: Super No Vacancy In New England!


I know we updated on Sunday to this effect, but here we are, 72 hours away from the madness that was the Super Art Fight debut in Connecticut as part of Connecticon 2009, and we are still both shocked and humbled by the amazing audience reaction.

Since Day One, we’ve prided ourselves on providing an entertainment alternative from the typical convention material, and you made your voices heard, with a Standing Room only audience filling our scheduled panel room to the brim.

More than that, it was an epic clash of Super Art Fight talents, existing and new, with existing Super Art Fight roster members colliding with new talent from the world of webcomics.  Battles were fought, but most importantly, new bonds were created, with no less than 5 new people hitting the SAF canvas and impressing the crowd.

Here’s what went down on Saturday, August 1st at the Convention Center in Hartford, CT.

  • Match #1: Yuko Ota defeated Joe Dunn
    The co-creator of Johnny Wander came in with a strong, established fanbase, but Joe Dunn was not to be ignored, bringing the pain with such artistic attacks as an incredible rendition of Bruce Campbell wearing a Cosby Sweater! Ota may’ve taken the win, after some time away from the SAF canvas, but Dunn impressed enough to have an open invite for any future shows.
  • Match #2: Obsidian defeated Garth Graham
    Possibly one of the best one on one bouts to ever grace the Art Fight Stage, Garth Graham proved that while he may be a former champion, he’s going to work his way back up to the top on talent alone.  Despite this, Obsidian was able to work the crowd into a frenzy, and the man from Colombia (yes, the country) proved too much for Graham, and took the victory.
  • Main Event: Lar DeSouza & Alina Pete defeated Nick Borkowicz & Steve Naperski
    In what was easily the most wild bout to ever be featured under the Super Art Fight banner, the scheduled singles match between Borkowicz and DeSouza grew into an epic tag match for the ages. Dark, disturbed My Little Ponies were drawn; canvas was used as a weapon; injuries occurred and, suffice to say, Connecticon will never be the same.  Team Canada (DeSouza and Pete) took the win, but it’s safe to say all 4 competitors made their names this evening.
  • In addition to new talent seen on stage, the staffing also saw a few new faces, with Super Art Fight referee Jackson Gill making his debut, along with a 3rd commentator, in James Hatton.

As what should come as no surprise, all competiors new to SAF on this evening now have an open invitation to return to fight at any time.

We entered Connecticut with a plan. A plan to make a name for Super Art Fight. But you, the fans, you made us feel bigger than we ever could imagine. And now we aim to continue to please. See you at future cons. See you whenever we can. But most importantly, we aim to return to Connecticon in 2010. Be there.

Finally, to keep the memories of the evening going, here’s a selection of crowd sourced images from the show, thanks to the magic of Twitter. Thanks (and credit) go to Blondie (who also provided the panorama up-top), Pierski, Elorg, Lartist,  and Schezar.

If you have more images (or video?), please leave a note in the comments!

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5 Responses to CONNECTICON 2009: Super No Vacancy In New England!

  1. Rossmom says:

    Really cool!!! Can’t wait to attend one!

  2. Blondie says:

    Tons more pictures of the epic battles here:

  3. Cj says:

    Um, it’s actually spelled “Colombia” (o instead of u)… just thought I’d let you know.

    BTW: O kicks butt!!! I’m a big fan.

  4. Marty Day says:

    Thanks for the heads up on the Colombia misspelling. We have a city here in Maryland named Columbia, so it’s an understandable confusion. Fixed!

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