SAF5: Results And Fallout From The Metro Gallery Debut!


As promised, we came at Super Art Fight 5 with a furious vengeance, and intended to deliver one of our greatest shows yet.

With a packed audience filling The Metro Gallery, 3 of the craziest bouts Super Art Fight had ever presented hit the combative canvas, and when the smoke cleared, a debut lead to victory, a rivalry was settled, and a dynasty began.


Match 1: The team of Jamie Baldwin & Danielle Corsetto defeated the team of Bryan Prindiville & Kelsey Wailes in a tag team contest.

This match started the show with a fury, as the war of words between Corsetto and Prindiville lead to a conflict both on and off the canvas, as markers were broken, opponents were drawn on, and the crowd was blown away by the talents of these four artists. At the end of the day, only one team could win, and it was the debuting Corsetto and talented veteran Baldwin who gained the audiences attention and the victory.


Match 2: Lar deSouza defeated Nick “Ghostfreehood” Borkowicz in a Grudge Match, going into Sudden Death Overtime.

Having riveted our New England audience in our Connecticut debut this past Summer, we knew that this would be a match for the ages.  But what we didn’t expect was that it would be possibly one of the greatest bouts in our short history.  From the mind games played by Borkowicz with an elaborate, hulking intro, to canvases being used as a weapon (taking out our referee), to the Wheel of Death being shut down by the pure awesome (or by a technical issue, depending on how you look at it), this match was bell to bell insanity.  Insanity so strong, that the audience was split down the middle.  After Sudden Death Overtime (what people normally call “Rock Paper Scissors”), deSouza was announced as the winner.  While the issue was anything but friendly going into the bout, with smacktalk across the net and being said before the live audience, Borkowicz showed grace in defeat, the Super Art Fight co-founder shaking the hand of deSouza, and settling the issue as a gentleman.


Match 3: Super Art Fight Champion Michael Bracco defeated Chris “Impact” Impink for a successful v1 defense.

Going into this match, the anticipation was high. Bracco, a supernova of SAF, starting at the bottom with a loss on his debut show, working his way to the top as champion, was attempting to do what had been deemed impossible – having a successful defense of the SAF Championship.  Impink, having had a losing record thus far, having gained a key victory at SAF4, found himself with an SAF title shot, and wanted to show his win was not a fluke.  And folks, it’s safe to say they brought it.  Displaying some of the most surreal and bizarre art on a canvas yet, taking prime advantage of our 21+ venue for the night, Bracco and Impink fought an extremely close bout.  But at the end, there could only be one victor, and Bracco did the impossible, defending the belt and starting his legacy as Super Art Fight Champion.

Post Show Notes

  • Impressed by the performance of Danielle Corsetto, the Super Art Fight team would like to extend an open invite to the Girls With Slingshots creator to the same “Open Door” system provided to past guest competitors like Lar deSouza, Joe Dunn, and Yuko Ota. Danielle, any time you want to join us again, we’re game. Thanks again for being a part of SAF5.
  • Speaking of impressed, while he felt the pain of defeat on Friday night, Super Art Fight has extended a slot on the full-time roster to Hello With Cheese artist Bryan Prindiville.  Welcome aboard, Bry.
  • The full SAF rankings have been updated, and showcase some interesting shifts in the title contendership.  Chris Impink has to start at the bottom again, having received a title shot, but the entire scope of the playing field has changed.
  • We were super pleased with the reaction from our new home at The Metro Gallery.  We apologize for any issues with line-of-sight for the show and/or the art, and we’ve already spoken with the team there with revisions for future shows.  In addition, we intend to keep our relationship open with the Ottobar, giving us two wonderful homes in Charm City.
  • Look for Super Art Fight 6 sometime in early 2010. Details as they’re available.

Thank you again to all the artists, all the attendees, our staff for the night, Karmella’s Game for two amazing sets (how good was that Journey cover?) and Sarah at the Metro Gallery for having us. We’ll see you all real soon.

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  1. Carla Williams says:

    Had a great time at Super Art Fight! I brought along my sister and husband , they both had a good time as well. I’m looking forward to the next one 🙂

  2. Romance says:

    Admirable writing..

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