SAF6: #1 Contender’s Bout Signed!

Since it’s inception, there has been much deliberation between both the fans and internal management of Super Art Fight regarding the rankings system.

And for two Super Art Fight competitors in particular, it has been the point of some very heated messages sent to the SAF Championship committee.

The first notes came from Super Art Fight co-founder, Nick “Ghostfreehood” Borkowicz.  Nick, who was last seen at Super Art Fight 5 losing to Lar DeSousa in a hotly-anticipated grudge match, wanted – nay – was demanding a title shot.

Under what logic, you ask?  During our touring shows, not only did Borkowicz defeat then #1 Contender Chris Impink at Tigercon 2009, he also defeated reigning SAF Champion Michael Bracco in a non-title bout in Game-X in Philadelphia.

While he may be a co-founder, the artist known as Ghostfreehood has never tasted championship gold, and with such solid victories under his belt, he feels his time should be now!

But he wasn’t the only disgruntled member of our roster.

Enter Garth Graham.

Graham, our 2nd ever Super Art Fight champion, has laid low on our main shows since losing his Championship to Michael Bracco at Super Art Fight 4 – but hasn’t let his skills become rusty.

He’s appeared at our live shows at Connecticon 2009 and Tigercon 2009, appearing in match of the night candidates at both shows, and most importantly, still has one of the best records of the entire roster.

Furthermore, as he indicated in a tersely worded telegram (the man trusts traditional forms of communication), he didn’t lose his title one on one…it took three opponents to defeat him.

Two great competitors, with two great points.  So what did the SAF Championship Committee decide?

On Saturday night, January 23rd, live at The Ottobar in Baltimore, Maryland – Super Art Fight 6 will be home to the first ever battle for #1 Contendership!

Nick “Ghostfreehood” Borkowicz vs. Garth Graham – with the winner automatically receiving a title shot at Super Art Fight 7!

Be there for the conflict and action in this first time ever one-on-one bout between two Super Art Fight veterans!  Get your tickets today to join us on January 23rd, and discuss the possible outcome on the comments or in our brand-spankin’ new fan forum!

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