With only 11 days until Super Art Fight 6 rocks the Ottobar, our artists are pushing harder and training like never before to tackle whatever the Wheel of Death has for them.

But, as mentioned in our super awesome new promo video (which, if you haven’t watched, you really should), the Wheel of Death is ultimately controlled by you – the Super Art Fight fan.

So of course, we need your topics! Toss in what you want our artists to draw in the comments to this post, and we’ll add the topics to the Wheel of Death for Super Art Fight 6!

Comments will be open through Wednesday, January 20th, so suggest early and suggest often! You never know if your topic will be picked!

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67 Responses to SAF6: Feed The WHEEL OF DEATH!

  1. Hatter says:

    The Ninth Doctor vs. the Tenth Doctor
    David Tennant vs. Tom Baker
    Captain Jack Harkness vs. Captain Jack Sparrow
    Will Turner vs. Legolas
    Balthier vs. Han Solo

  2. Ogi says:

    Hows about something snazzy? Like an elephant tromping on some zombies, or maybe people who are slightly invisible playing tag? Ohh! Or maybe…Maybe something from Chuck? Like Chuck. That’d be awesome :3

  3. Yame says:

    Sebastian (from Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler) Vs. Ulquiorra (Bleach)

  4. Jennie says:

    A crossdresser with a crossbow
    Favored enemy: plants
    If your characters were Pokemon trainers
    Suddenly, modernism!

  5. Solitude Girl says:

    Dr. House vs God
    Dr. House vs Dr. Wilson
    Dr. House vs Dr. Cuddy


  6. that girl says:

    ~ryan seacrest on a chocobo
    ~mario vs. sonic in call of duty
    ~yo mamma is…
    ~barney vs. elmo
    ~Tim Burton on Crack
    ~God vs. Chuck Norris
    ~Lady Gaga in bed with…
    ~Matrix squirrels

  7. Natalie says:

    Pigs eating ice cream.

  8. Mike says:

    Joel Schumacher’s WATCHMEN
    Quentin Tarantino’s Ghostbusters
    Eli Roth’s Rocky Horror Picture Show
    Stephen Hawking- Physicist, Author, and Male Prostitute
    Gordon Freeman Versus Morgan Freeman

  9. Brian says:

    -“Sixteen Candles” as directed by Michael Bay

  10. nathalie says:

    Iron chief fist fight

  11. mouseyshawn says:

    Dr. House vs Dragons
    A psychotically dangerous looking rabbit
    Astro Boy vs Dr. House

  12. Collin says:

    Sauron Vs Gandalf.

    Death Vs War (As in, the four horseman)

    Tony the Tiger Vs. Count Chocula

  13. Enjuhneer says:

    Palin/Brown 2012 and other bad ideas
    Glenn Beck’s superhero alter ego
    Rap while you draw!
    Self-portrait… while looking at the audience.
    My Little Porcupine
    Your-your-your poker face
    Serenity vs. Spaceballs
    Watchmen vs. Rugrats
    Your opponent as a cosplayer

  14. Michael says:

    Your opponent as a vegetable

    The Eiffel tower juggling Frenchmen

    A kitty playing with the world like it’s yarn

    A murderous geographical monument

  15. Attemptive-artist says:

    Dr. House vs Dr. Cox
    The Pope as a hippie

  16. Jennie says:

    Emus vs. Emos
    Avatar vs. The Last Airbender
    Charizard vs. Bowser vs. Trogdor

  17. Vicissitude says:

    Samurai Lincoln vs Kung- Fu Jefferson Davis.

    A McDonald’s playland ball pit full of bull testicles.

    A British Royal Guardsman crippled with doubt as to whether his dandruff shampoo measures up.

    The 17th Wonder of the World (modern or ancient, dealer’s choice).

    Butterflies having angry sex.

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