Super Art Fight 6: Who Will Win?

Marty and myself (Ross) sat down for a quick chance to give our predictions going into Super Art Fight 6 this Saturday at The Ottobar. With a lot of heated matches, we can expect to see some amazing artwork thrown down. But who will emerge victorious, what will it mean? See what the two MC’s of Super Art Fight have to say, and leave your thoughts in the comments!

Marty: Baldwin vs. Bracco: Bracco has only one loss under his belt and is determined to build a legacy of successful defences.  Unfortunately for him, Jamie Baldwin is the only person who has defeated Bracco in a sanctioned bout.

Ross: Not to mention Baldwin has cuteness on her side. I’m always amazed how much the crowd favors a cute puppy over bloody nipples.

Want to see who Ross and Marty think will win out this weekend? See the rest after the cut!

M: Jamie’s record is far from spotless, especially compared to her opponent, but I think she’s learned from her losses and is a more seasoned fighter than she was back in September 2008.  I can’t help but think when the dust settles at SAF6, we’ll have our first female champion.

R: It’s true Marty, she’s been really kicking up the pace and Bracco can’t hold onto that belt forever. I dare say he was a much more passionate fighter going for the belt than holding onto it. He’s looking a little lazy on his throne these days, and has had to put a few extra notches into the SAF championship belt.

M: Borkowicz vs. Graham: Ross, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen these two square off on the Super Art Fight stage, in fact, the last time we saw Garth it was in a 4-way bout which included Nick, and was where Garth lost his SAF Championship.

Garth has been all but radio silent since his loss last July, but he’s popped up on our live events at Connecticon and Tigercon and shown a passion on the canvas I’d never seen from him before. You have to believe he’s coming into SAF6 with a point to prove.

By comparison, let’s look at the Journey of his opponent – Nick “Ghostfreehood” Borkowicz. While he is a co-founder of Super Art Fight, he’s found himself in the #2 position in the company from day one. He lost in the first official SAF Championship bout, he lost in the 4-way bout which lead to Michael Bracco’s title reign, and he lost on his home turf to Lar DeSouza in a grudge match at our last show. You have to believe he wants to turn the tide here.

R: 4-ways aren’t pretty, Marty.

M: I think it’s safe to say that of the 4 bouts being presented on Saturday, this will be the one to feature the most blood, sweat and tears on the canvas – and with good reason, the winner gets an automatic title shot at Super Art Fight 7.

R: I think this could be the day for young Ghostfreehood. He wants it bad and he’s a showman of the highest calibur. If there’s one thing Mr. Graham has lacked coming into this match, it’s going out of his way to get the audience on his side and that is something Nick has honed to a sharp point in the last year of touring Art Fights.

For a second there, I thought the winner got an ‘automatic rifle’. That would make Super Art Fight a lot more interesting.

M: That being said, you can’t discredit Graham – he’s a former Super Art Fight Champion.  He’s been to the promised land before, and tasted the sweet kiss of championship victory.  And that’s why I feel Garth Graham will be heading into Super Art Fight 7 as the number one contender.

R: I have to disagree with you there. Nick knows how to make art that captures with lots of bold lines and stark shadows. The kind of thing the whole audience can see and get quickly, something key with these shorter matches. Remember, the old Art Fight matches when they last took to the canvas was a longer bout. I think Nick is faster on the draw and can make this thing happen.

M: 4-Way Battle Royale! Prindiville vs. Impink vs. Dunn vs. Grose: Ross, I know you’re excited. We’re back talking about 4-ways again.

R: 4-ways always get messy, Marty. Someone always gets left out of the game, and I dare say that’s going to be Grose.

M: I completely disagree. Chelsea Grose, as a member of the Charm City Roller Girls brings a level of agression we’re not used to from our female competitors, and will get right in the mix with her 3 male opponents. But the question is – does she have the artistic chops to win the bout?  For any Art Fighter, there is an adjustment period to drawing to both the whims of the audience and the whims of the Wheel of Death, and going in against people who have faced both before is going to hold her back.

You could be Leonardo Da Vinci with a paintbrush, but if you can’t win over the audience or out do your opponents, it’s ultimately meaningless. This is a lesson her 3 opponents certainly understand, however – as each of them are coming off of difficult losses.

R: We have some real quiet runners in this match. All 4 haven’t been the loud and in front impressarios of Art Fight, but instead the quiet ones who let their markers do the talking. If you ask me the one to watch is Joe Dunn, who has only participated once before at Connecticon and is eager to make up for a rough start to the canvas.

M: While I think Chris Impink is the dark horse coming off of his Championship bout loss at Super Art Fight 5, I personally feel that Bryan Prindiville’s hand will be raised in victory. There have been some rumors that the goose egg in his win column has driven Bryan mad, and while his quiet demeaner won’t show it, he has the urge to win, no matter how many opponents he has to step over on the way.

R: Plus, the man can bench a Kia Sedona. That ain’t easy.

M: Generational Warfare! Wailes v. Noguchi: I don’t know about you, Ross, but the kids these days worry me. And in turn, I’m worried about Super Art Fight co-creator, Jami “Angry Zen Master” Noguchi.

R: I’m not. But only because Jami is no old soul. He’s not one to take things lying down. If anything, I don’t think Wailes is old enough to know what she’s in for. Jami packs years of experience into everything he draws.

M: But the exuberance of youth and impressive skill beyond her years is what brought Kelsey to the dance, and while Jami Noguchi is her first major roadblock on the way to Super Art Fight superstardom, I think she might have the tools to take down one of the biggest names in our field.

It certainly helps that her rather vocal fanbase have been stuffing the Wheel of Death in her favor. What’s really interesting though, go back to Kelsey’s debut at Super Art Fight 4. Who was the member of the Art Fight roster to announce Kelsey’s name in victory? The first to put his hand out, welcoming her aboard? Will Jami Noguchi regret extending that olive branch, leaving him in the dust?

R: Good questions all, Marty. Good questions all.

M: It’s going to be a tightly contested bout between two amazing competitors, one so well fought that I’m not sure I can pick a winner. But one thing is for sure, this match is going to set the stage for Super Art Fight in 2010 and beyond.

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13 Responses to Super Art Fight 6: Who Will Win?

  1. Kara says:

    I’ve placed my bets. My people better come through or I won’t be able to feed their sixteen illegitimate children.

  2. ross says:

    Who’s “your people”? Who’s the good money on? WHAT ARE THE ODDS? Is it too late to get in on this?

  3. Marty Day says:

    Ross, as employees of Super Art Fight, LLC, I believe we’re prohibited from any sort of gambling, especially when we have a significant chance of turning the tide of the outcome.

    I like this job, god damnit, and you’re not getting me removed from it!

  4. dern says:

    You know, if it weren’t illegal, I’d totally be up for becoming the bookie of SAF.

  5. kelsey says:

    Damn right I don’t have the experience as jami!! CAUSE HE’S SO OOOOOOOOOLLLD!!! 😀

  6. Kara says:

    Fifteen cents and a skate key on the short one.

  7. Barb says:

    No disrespect to the Movie-Meister, Our Lady of Perpetual Violence in Motion, or our Prindiville Overlord, but I’m throwing my support and blood sacrifices to the squirrel gods behind my partner. It’s been a long winter and he’s hella-cranky and raring to go.

  8. I may be old, but I… uh… what was I sayin’ again?

  9. prindiville says:

    Squirrel… sacrifices!?!?!

    Now I’m pissed.

  10. prindiville says:

    oh… missread…that. er…

    but I’m still pissed, so there.

  11. Kara says:

    S’okay, Bryan, if you can bench an effin car I think you should be fine.

  12. Jackson says:

    As the art fight ref I guess I’m not alowed to bet…..sigh

  13. Barb says:

    Sorry, Bryan — I ran out of corn chips to sacrifice to the squirrels, so I had to start in on my neighbors. Strangely, the squirrels liked that even better. 😮

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