SUPER ART FIGHT 6: Full Results & Fallout From Our First Event Of 2010!

This past Saturday night, along the unique musical/performance art styles of The Dirty Marmaduke Flute Squad, we invaded the Ottobar for our first major show of 2010, Super Art Fight 6.  It was a night of excitement, shocks and surprises, and by the end of the night, the Road to Super Art Fight 7 had begun.

With 4 stunning bouts performed in front of our largest audience to date, it was a night to remember, full of results that will soon not be forgotten.  Let’s go over what went down, and most importantly, where it will all be heading.

The evening kicked off in style with what is fast becoming a Super Art Fight trademark, the 4-Way Battle Royale, which saw the debuting Chelsea “Grose Misconduct” Grose of The Charm City Roller Girls get an upset victory over Chris “Impact” Impink, Bryan “Silent But Violent” Prindiville and the official SAF debut of Joe Dunn.  All four competitors brought their A-Game to the canvas, with the crowd reaction for each participant at a near dead heat, but when the final crowd call was made, Grose had her hand raised in victory.

The next bout on the card was one with huge implications on Super Art Fight, for the past, present and future, as it pitted Jami “Angry Zen Master” Noguchi, one of the co-founders of Super Art Fight as well as our first ever SAF Champion, against Super Art Fight star rookie Kelsey Wailes.

Again, it was a match that could’ve gone either way, with Kelsey coming off of a big loss in a heated tag battle at Super Art Fight 5 and Jami last seen tackling the canvas in the huge Super Art Fight 4 main event.  The shenanigans started early, with both Kelsey and Jami wearing special entrance masks to get the crowd early, but mid-battle saw the partnership between Kelsey Wailes and Bryan Prindville make an appearance again, as Prindiville interfered in the bout, holding Jami by his arms, while Kelsey drew on his white t-shirt, much to the crowd’s enjoyment.  When the dust settled, and the Wheel of Death stopped spinning, there was only one victor, Kelsey Wailes getting the surprise win over Jami Noguchi.

Match #3 of the evening was another one anticipated by the fans, as in a bout to determine the #1 contender to the Super Art Fight Championship, Nick “Ghostfreehood” Borkowicz squared off against former SAF Champion Garth Graham.

For Borkowicz, this was a night of redemption – after having had 2 shots at the Super Art Fight Championship and embarking in a grudge war against Lar De Souza, he wanted to show he had the skills to be champion.  For Graham, this was a bout to show he deserved to be back on top.  Unfortunately for Graham, Borkowicz would not be stopped.  The artist best known as Ghostfreehood started the mind games early, with arguably the most elaborate entrance of the evening, complete with lighting and self described “war paint”.  From there, he refused to let up, immediately taking over ONE THIRD of the combative canvas with his starting topic of “magic”.  Graham was knocked and railing, in what was described by commentators as “the biggest one-sided ass-kicking in Art Fight history.”  Garth rallied in the second half of the bout with some stunning topics thrown to him by the Wheel of Death, turning the audience to his favor – but it’s only the final cheers which count, and they rung loudest for Nick “Ghostfreehood” Borkowicz.

He will now be chasing after the gold at Super Art Fight 7, and if Nick’s performance at the show Saturday was any indication – he’s out for not just the title, but to cement his name as an SAF legend.

But who would be champion come Super Art Fight 7? The next bout would decide it, and I’m not sure anyone could’ve predicted everything that went down.

Let’s set the stage – Jamie “Brawlin'” Baldwin: the Challenger, coming in with a 2-2 record, obtained with some hard nosed bouts since her debut in September ’08.  Her opponent – the reigning and defending Super Art Fight Champion: Michael “Spaghetti Kiss” Bracco.  A near perfect 4-1 record under his belt, he had but one loss in his SAF tenure – to Jamie Baldwin.  Tonight, he intended to write that wrong, and defeat the only one who had defeated him.

They entered the Ottobar playing their roles to perfect, Baldwin remaining a focused contender. Not too flashy an entrance, instead focusing on the canvas ahead of her.  Bracco – the confidence of a champion draping him as well as the suit he was wearing – played to the crowd. This, to him, was going to be the next in a line of successful defenses.

The Wheel of Death was loaded. The clock was set to 30 minutes – and for those 30 minutes, all hell broke loose.  Boards were knocked from their stands, pants were nearly removed, marker and paint covered canvas, and in one of the wildest moments in SAF history, the entire roster rushed the boards, making their marks on the canvas for this historical bout.

At the end of the 30 minute time period, it was honestly anyone’s game – but the victor would be chosen by the audience.  And they roared for their victor.

At 12:45am, on Sunday, January 24th, 2010 – the fans spoke. And they chose their champion. A brand new champion, the first female champion – Jamie “Brawlin'” Baldwin.

This night – a star was born with Chelsea Grose.  This night – a rookie surpassed the master, in a victory by Kelsey Wailes. This night – Nick “Ghostfreehood” Borkwicz took a step towards his championship destiny. And this night, the fans spoke louder than ever before and made Jamie Baldwin the new Super Art Fight Champion.

So, where do we go from here?

  • While he’s not a man of many words, word quickly got through the roster and to the SAF Committee that Bryan Prindiville is tired of languishing in Battle Royales and Tags, he wants the thrill of One-on-One competition – and he might just get it.
  • SAF Matchmakers were throughly pleased by the performance of both Joe Dunn and Chelsea Grose, extending to them an open door policy for any future bookings.
  • Kelsey Wailes scored her first victory, and word is, Noguchi won’t be the last upper-tier SAF roster member she’ll be facing.
  • The biggest announcement of them all – the Road to Super Art Fight 7 begins here and now with our main event in place – for the Super Art Fight Championship, it’ll be Jamie “Brawlin'” Baldwin making her first defense against #1 Contender Nick “Ghostfreehood” Borkowicz!

It was an incredible night, and again, we’d all like to thank The Ottobar, Dirty Marmaduke Flute Squad, and most importantly, you the fans for making it happen.

Date & location for SAF7 are still to be announced, so be sure to keep an eye here at, on our Twitter feed, or sign up to our mailing list (on the right).

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