SAF Roars Back To Life With 3 New Show Announcements!

It’s been a long and cold winter since we sent information out to you, dear Super Art Fight fans, and as spring has finally sprung, we’re pleased to announce 3 new shows on our live events calendar.

In sequential order, we’re gonna rock Ellicott City, New Jersey and Rockville, but this is just the beginning of shows to announce, so let’s just get them out there…

Saturday, April 24th, Super Art Fight returns with a second appearance at CHS Otaku Fest.  CHS Otaku Fest was an absolute blast for us to do last year, and if you’ve ever wanted to experience SAF in an intimate setting, there is no else like this one.

Then, Saturday, May 15th-Sunday, May 16th, we make our NEW JERSEY debut as a part of the first annual WildPig Comic-Con.  WildPig is getting together an amazing batch of talent for their first ever comic con, and it’s an honor and a pleasure that they’ve chosen us to be a part of their first (of many) successful shows.

Last, but far from least, is this fall’s debut of Intervention, not far from our home base, going on from September 10th-12th in Rockville, Maryland.  The brainchild of our dear friend Onezumi, this promises to be a show unlike any other you’ve been a part of, and considering another event occurring that weekend, we promise to pull out ALL THE STOPS.

So there you go…3 big events, 3 awesome Super Art Fight shows.  And this is just the beginning.  We have some further announcements on tap, and one of them just might leave you rolling on the floor laughing…

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