As we wait for ROFLCon to post up the offiical footage from our show this past weekend, a really sneaky audience member TAPED THE WHOLE THING from his seat in the audience!

If that wasn’t enough, he even posted it in glorious HD!

So, if you missed it or want to relive every awkward moment, here you go. Click play and enjoy!

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2 Responses to SAF @ ROFLCon – BOOTLEG’D!

  1. Rossmom says:

    Awesome!!! ‘Bout time this hit the internet!

    Rossmom was indeed watching and definitely learned some new interesting terms to throw into her everyday conversation. (It’s one way to see if anyone is actually listening.)

  2. Kara says:

    Watched this over at my friends’ place live. They’d never seen an Art Fight and now they’re begging to go to one!

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