Back on May 22nd, we had the absolute honor and pleasure of being a part of the first ever Innovate Love show.

An art auction event to benefit the Baltimore Love Project, our co-founders and artists Nick Borkowicz and Jami Noguchi performed a live mural that evening which had the live audiences enthralled and captivated.

But don’t let just our words set the tone – check out the full article on the event from the awesome online magazine What Weekly, if just because of the great ways they describe us.

I’m not sure how apt “a band of wandering artists with superpowers and anger management issues” is, but I sure think it’s going on our next poster.

Click here to read the article!

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2 Responses to So, How Did INNOVATE LOVE Go?

  1. Brooke says:

    You guys kick-ass! Superpowers for sure.

  2. ME says:

    Hartford 7/2010 Nick Borkowicz vs. Lar De Souza

    Lar can’t stick to the rules – are cocks and penises PG-13 ?

    Hey Lar is a princess with a man under her skirt PG-13 ?

    Hey Lar is that all you got – Porn the only way you can win Lame Lame Lame

    Nick – Stand up job – I like how your reminded Lar about the rules but what do you expect from someone whos all washed up

    Lar “Loser” De Souza

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