Coming out of Super Art Fight 6, two things were very clear.

One – Jamie Baldwin had made history, becoming the first ever female Super Art Fight Champion in her amazing victory over long-time generation rival Michael Bracco.

Two – Nick “Ghostfreehood” Borkowicz had ended a long losing streak, raising himself back up to the top of the competition he himself invented, defeating former SAF Champion Garth Graham and becoming #1 contender to the championship.

So, it’s an honor and pleasure to announce that on July 17th at The Metro Gallery, as we celebrate 2 years of Super Art Fight in an unprecedented free live event during Artscape weekend, that headlining Super Art Fight 7 will be the main event of…

Jamie Baldwin (Champion) vs. Nick “Ghostfreehood” Borkowicz (Challenger)

This is a first time one on one bout, with Baldwin and Borkowicz only squaring off once before, as part of a battle royal back at Super Art Fight 3.  Each competitor has seen every level of SAF competition, from the top to the bottom, and make for one of the most even bouts in some time.

In recent “on the road” matches, Baldwin has started to feel the so called “Curse” of the SAF championship, dropping losses to competitors such as Yuko Ota in Boston, and Borkowicz has been keeping his skill up, with strong on the road victories (including one over former SAF Champion Michael Bracco at Katsucon 16).  It’s really anyone’s bout, and will make Super Art Fight 7 a night to remember.

So what are you waiting for? Make your plans now – join us on Saturday Night, July 17th at The Metro Gallery in Baltimore for ABSOLUTELY FREE, and see who leaves SAF7 as champion!

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