Upon his defeat and loss of the Super Art Fight championship at Super Art Fight 6, Michael Bracco dusted himself off, looked at where he was in the scheme of the SAF world, and made some important decisions.

Over the past 5 shows, Bracco had started from the bottom and built himself up to the top of the Art Fight world. Nicknamed a “Supernova”, he had only one prior defeat under his belt – that against the same woman who dethroned him as champion, Jamie Baldwin.

Aside from that loss, he proved himself against every other opponent placed in front of him. Jami Noguchi, Nick Borkowicz, Chris Impink – all important names in SAF history…and Bracco held victories over all of them.  So his decision was simple – start back from the bottom, work his way up…and be back on top as the first ever two-time SAF Champ.

A bold decision, but the next choice he made was bolder…not only would he work his way up, but he wanted to challenge himself with each new opponent he faced. New faces, new names, he wanted to take them on.   Bracco made his choices known to the SAF Championship Committee, and there was but one person who fit the bill – Bryan “Silent But Violent” Prindiville.

Since his on-canvas debut at Super Art Fight 4, Prindiville has made a name for himself in the world of creative combat – but it hasn’t been in what he has said…it’s always been in his actions.

The man who left Danielle Corsetto covered in red ink, the man who proved himself as one of the top talents in the first ever Do or Die battle royale, the man who will clash with Michael Bracco on July 17th – all the same individual: Bryan Prindiville.

Saturday, July 17th – The Metro Gallery – Baltimore, Maryland – Super Art Fight 7…BE THERE, as we present a first ever one-on-one bout….

Bryan “Silent But Violent” Prindiville vs. Michael Bracco

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