In the year of our lord, 2001, the Iron Artist competition was invented. Pitting artist’s against each other in a live art competition based on the popular Iron Chef TV series, it was in many ways, the prototype for what became Super Art Fight.

The creator of Iron Artist? Our own Chris “Impact” Impink.

In June 2008, Jamie “Angry Zen Master” Noguchi teamed with Nick “Ghostfreehood” Borkowicz to take Iron Artis out of the anime conventions and into the rock clubs, placing it under the new title of “Art Fight”.

It was an immediate success, and quickly grew into the show who’s website you’re now reading – Super Art Fight.

As the shows grew, Chris Impink became a member of the roster, as did Jamie Noguchi.  Noguchi, given the name of co-founder, rose through the ranks quickly, becoming the first ever Super Art Fight Champion. By comparison, Impink, called a godfather by those who knew the true origins of SAF…did not receive that respect. He hasn’t been to the top. He hasn’t held the championship. He doesn’t get the credit.

So, while the card was formulating for Super Art Fight 7, our 2nd Birthday Celebration, a free live event occurring during Artscape at The Metro Gallery in Baltimore, Maryland, Chris Impink picked up the phone.

Tired of being a second stringer, tired of being ignored, Chris had one demand.

On one of the most important shows, on one of the most important days in Super Art Fight history…Chris wants Noguchi in a first time ever one-on-one bout.

That match? IMMEDIATELY approved.

On July 17th, in Baltimore, Maryland…Jamie Noguchi is going to feel the Impact.

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