SAF7: No Winning Streaks Here! WAILES v. GROSE

At Super Art Fight events as of late, there seems to be the general feeling that ladies rule. And honestly, we’re not going to question it.

In fact, in 3 out of the 4 bouts at Super Art Fight 6, women were the victors – one of whom, Jamie Baldwin, is our current SAF Champion.

So when it came down to pairing up the bouts for Super Art Fight 7, we had an interesting quandry.  Over the past 2 shows, a pair of female competitors have debuted, made an impact (not to be confused with our own Impink), and stood tall in victory.

Ergo it was decided – let’s see who is the better fighter?

That’s why on Saturday, July 17th at the Metro Gallery in Baltimore, Maryland…it’ll be another first ever bout…


Chelsea “Grose Misconduct” Grose vs. Kelsey Wailes!

Both competitors coming off of HUGE victories at Super Art Fight 6, it really could be anyone’s win here, and could have HUGE ramifications on the championship rankings.

Join us for our FREE show on July 17th – Super Art Fight 7!

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  1. Durrano says:

    Grose Misconduct is going to knock out Wailes!

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