SAF8: A Decision Has Been Made!

Originally, the You-Pick Main Event of Super Art Fight 8 was going to be a fun and joyous moment.

With a clear victor from the fans, we’d have a great main event scheduled, and all would fall into place from there.

Unfortunately, due to some last minute technical issues, confusion, and some very dedicated voters, the victor of the poll could not have been more in question.

If you awoke this morning (or scroll down) to see the full results of the poll, you’d see the following:

  1. Chelsea “Grose Misconduct” Grose52% of the vote – 8779 votes.
  2. Nick “Ghostfreehood” Borkowicz – 48% of the vote – 8137 votes.
  3. Michael “Spaghetti Kiss” Bracco – 0% of the vote – 126 votes.

But then a loyal fan e-mailed us a screencap that put it all into question – at just moments past 12:00am EST (the scheduled end for the poll) votes remained open, and Nick Borkowicz had an impressive lead. The victory was his…or was it?

With the Polling plug-in we chose malfunctioning, and allowing votes well past midnight, the outcome was changed, although still rather close between Grose and Borkowicz.  So we had to break down, look back through the votes and see what happened.

Looking at all votes cast after midnight, here’s what we saw:

  1. Chelsea Grose – 2333 Votes Cast After Midnight.
  2. Nick Borkowicz – 87 Votes Cast After Midnight.
  3. Michael Bracco – 0 Votes Cast After Midnight.

A very impressive surge of votes for Chelsea…just not at the right time.

After eliminating all votes cast after midnight, your new standings are as follows:

  1. Nick “Ghostfreehood” Borkowicz – 8050 Votes
  2. Chelsea “Grose Misconduct” Grose – 6446 Votes
  3. Michael Bracco – 126 Votes

The answer you see is clear – Nick “Ghostfreehood” Borkowicz Will Be Challenging Jamie “Brawlin'” Baldwin for the SAF Title At SUPER ART FIGHT 8!

But worry NOT, Chelsea Grose fans, as in the second half of a double main event, for the #1 Contendership to the SAF TITLE, it will be – Chelsea “Grose Misconduct” Grose vs. Michael “Spaghetti Kiss” Bracco!

All that and more will be going down at The Ottobar, on Friday, October 15th! Be sure to join us, won’t you?

We apologize greatly for any confusion or misunderstandings for our great fans (and the competitors as well), and next time, we’ll test out a plug-in more before using it on such a high-stakes decision.  We hope you understand our decision, and we all look forward to a great show on October 15th!

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5 Responses to SAF8: A Decision Has Been Made!

  1. holly says:

    I’m guessing the loyal fan had his own facebook page open.

  2. Jam Reaper says:

    How about next time “one (wo)man one vote.” It could have eliminated all the chaos as well. For all we know Nick’s best friend could have voted for him 5000 times.

  3. Marty Day says:


    Should we do another poll like this, it’ll be with much tighter restrictions.

    Looking at the logs, there was noticeable cheating on both sides (dozens, if not hundreds or thousands of votes from the same IP, for BOTH competitors), which is a real bummer.

    Either way, we hope that this is a solid compromise, and look forward to having a great show on October 15th.

  4. Nick is awesome! ! Yes, truly the winner! !

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