SAF8: What You Need To Know Before Showtime

At the time of this writing, there is approximately twelve hours until we open the doors at The Ottobar in Baltimore, Maryland for our final large-scale show of 2010, Super Art Fight 8.

With 4 SAF Bouts, a headlining set by MC Frontalot and the Ottobar debut of Fifth Wheel and the Double Dates, you have a combination of events that on their own could each headline, but together make an event unlike any other.

We’re really pleased to see the amount of excitement and anticipation building across the web for tonight’s show, and we will do our best to deliver on it all.

But, before we open those doors, there’s a few details to go over.

First – in case you haven’t mapped it out yet on Google, The Ottobar is located at 2549 N Howard St
Baltimore, Maryland 21218
.  Convenient parking is available both behind, and to the side of the club.

Tickets will be available at the door, for the low low cost of $12, and the event remains all ages. (We’ll have to remind Jami of that before he’s allowed to speak on a microphone. Or draw. or be let into the room.)  All art generated during the show will be available for purchase via live auction during the bouts, and additionally, both Super Art Fight and MC Frontalot will have merchandise tables, so you can help support us all with future events and shows!

Also – for all of you social media nerds – 2 must know bits…1. we’ll be setting up a foursquare check-in for the event, so by all means, jump in (we can get a swarm going!) 2. if you’re tweeting during the event, please make sure to use the hashtag #superartfight. People are already using it (see?), and we’ll be checking it all show long!

In case you’re looking to plot out the evening, here is the tentative schedule for the event. Please note that like all live events, times are very subject to change.

  • 9:00PM Doors Open for attendees
  • 9:10PM Warm Up Comedy set by Michael Rodman
  • 9:30PM Super Art Fight 8 Starts Proper
  • 9:45PM Josh Taylor vs. Jami Noguchi
  • 10:15PM Live Music set from Fifth Wheel & The Double Dates
  • 10:45PM Bryan Prindiville vs. Chris Impink
  • 11:15PM MC Frontalot Set 1
  • 11:45PM #1 Contender’s Bout: Michael Bracco vs. Chelsea Grose
  • 12:15AM SAF Championship Bout: Jamie Baldwin (c) vs. Nick Borkowicz
  • 12:45AM MC Frontalot Set 2
  • 1:45AM Goodnights and farewells!

Folks, as you can see, it’s a jam-packed evening of awesome, giving you nearly FIVE Hours of entertainment. We promised we’d go all out for this event, and we will deliver it.

See you all tonight at 9pm!

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  1. Kaibutsu says:

    Tonight’s show is going to be awesome. Best of luck to everyone and tear the roof off the Ottobar!

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