SAF9: Get Ready To Rock! RARE CANDY ADDED!

Here at SAF HQ, we’re working to ensure that Super Art Fight 9 is the greatest live event that ever live evented.

And after a show like Super Art Fight 8, that takes a lot.

I mean, we already have an amazing main event with Jamie Baldwin vs. Michael Bracco, a stunning musical guest in Peelander-Z, a wide variety of artistic talents signed up to appear…how can we make it better?


Hang onto your butts, as this stuff just got real – added to our show at the Ottobar in Baltimore, Maryland, it’s Rare Candy!

Rare Candy has built their name as one of the finest video game bands in the world, and luckily enough, they’re located right here in Maryland.

A keyboard driven four piece slamming out some of the greatest songs ever to score some of the greatest games, there’s nothing quite like Rare Candy, and we’re lucky enough to have them on board for SAF9.

Tickets are on sale NOW at Pick them up, strap in, and get ready to have your face melted!

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