SAF9: #1 Contendership Up For Grabs!

At Super Art Fight 8, a star was born.  Actually, there were two stars born.

The first came out of left field.  The second was the result of over a year’s worth of toiling and battling, working his way up the rankings.

And after Super Art Fight 9, one of these men will have a shot at biggest prize in the game – The Super Art Fight Championship.

Having defeated SAF co-founder Jami Noguchi in the first ever “Blackboard Bout”, there’s no denying the skills of newcomer Josh Taylor. His intense skills with the pen combined with his curmudgeonly attitude made him a quick fan favorite, and lead him to the love of the audience, and most importantly, a key victory.

In the case of Bryan “Silent But Violent” Prindiville, he’s fought in tag matches, in battle royales, anywhere the opportunity, he did his best to prove he was worthy of being at the top. But it never really clicked for him until the fateful evening of Super Art Fight 8.

But no matter the road taken, the path has led to the same point.  Who will have a title shot at Super Art Fight X? And will they find their hand raised as champion?

It’s Bryan Prindiville vs. Josh Taylor for the #1 Contendership! You aren’t gonna see another bout quite like this one.

Get your tickets now!

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