Yes, We WILL Be At MAGFest

Just a heads up for this weekend, folks!

Super Art Fight WILL be attending/appearing/performing at MAGFest 9.

We know this is super last minute, and since MAGFest has grown from a bouncing baby convention into a four day mega event, it’s completely sold out, we can’t shill tickets for you, but we wanted you, dear fans, to know that if you were attending this amazing music and gaming convention this weekend, you’ll be able to see us!

We will be performing in Panel 2 on Saturday, January 15th at 7pm.

As always with MAGFest, we try to make the show a little different from what you would normally see from us at a con, so get ready for a fun and unique night of art fighting.

See you there!

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2 Responses to Yes, We WILL Be At MAGFest

  1. Jon Peters says:

    I wanted to thank you all for coming to MAGfest. You guys were great !!!

  2. Marty Day says:

    Thanks, Jon!

    We had a real blast, and hope to return for MAGFest 2012!

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