SAF9: Apparently We’re Some Of The BrightestYoungThings!

As the minutes tick down to Super Art Fight 9, various press outlets are jumping on board for our first show of the year.

One such outlet is the popular indie rock outlet Brightest Young Things, who on the eve of this large event decided to interview one of our co-hosts, Ross Nover.

The interview is full of all sorts of insight into our growth lo these past few years, and is worth a read.

Here’s a snippet.

What is an optimal strategy for novices?

At the end of the day, there aren’t really any rules. We don’t have a referee most of the time, and when we do, he’s too busy drinking. Even if an artist is given a topic, he or she can leave it in the dust and do whatever they want. The best thing to do is draw BIG, with strong lines, and make it funny.

I’ve been to two art fights now, and have noticed the artists have personas and egos.

There’s definitely been an evolution in that process. At first artists were just happy to be there and having a good time. Now it’s gotten to the point where there are definitely “good guys,” and others who have taken the role of a “bad guy.”  At Super Art Fight 8, there was a new guy named Josh Taylor. Not only is he an amazing artist, but jumped right into his character. Behind the scenes, he’s the nicest guy, but when he hits the stage he becomes the biggest asshole I’ve ever seen. It came across so well. When the topic of “Super Art Fight Does Christmas” came up, Josh looked at the canvas, wrote “NO,” and just kept going. The audience cheered for him, so he flipped them off and they loved him for it!

Check out the full interview right here!

We’d like to thank Alan Zilberman for taking the time to spotlight us.

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