Hello, Wired Readers!

Since it has come to our attention that the little blurb about us in Wired’s print edition (March 2011 issue, page 80, pictured above) and on their website (complete with video) is now available for everyone to see, we thought it’d be appropriate to give you fine folks a welcome post, located right at the top of the page.

We are Super Art Fight, and as our catchphrase goes, we are the Greatest Live Art Competition in the Known Universe.

Since our inception in June 2008, we’ve had the honor and pleasure to rock many a venue with our unique blend of Pictionary and Pro-Wrestling, burning a line up and down the East Coast and melting faces everywhere we stop.

Our website is full of details on past and upcoming shows, including photos, videos, results and more.

If you read the article and hope to catch us live, great! We’d love to see you at a future show.

Our current show schedule is as follows.

  • Friday, March 18th – The Red Palace, Washington, DC
  • Friday, March 25th – Frederick Cultural Arts Center, Frederick, Maryland
  • Super Art Fight X – Friday, April 22nd – The Ottobar, Baltimore, Maryland.

If you watched the video and decided, HEY! I want these guys to perform for me/where I am/near me, great! We’re open for bookings.

Feel free to contact us at SuperArtFight at Gmail dot com to discuss booking details.  We can customize a package to the size and scale of your event.

Thank you for taking the time to read up on us, and we hope that you keep watching us.

There’s truly nothing in the world like Super Art Fight, and in 2011 and beyond, we’re going to prove that fact.

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