March 25th! The Road To SAFX Burns Up In Frederick, Maryland!

On Friday Night, April 22nd, Super Art Fight returns to Baltimore for it’s tenth major live event, Super Art Fight X.

Less than one month earlier, Friday Night, March 25th, we will make our debut in Frederick, Maryland at the Cultural Arts Center.  With the Road to SAFX ahead of us, on that night you will see Super Art Fight at it’s best, featuring a first time ever SIX PERSON TAG bout, and the Bryan Prindiville/Michael Bracco feud will continue to heat up as that evening – THEY CHOOSE THEIR OWN OPPONENTS!

Tickets for this all ages show are available now for just $10 by calling 301-662-4190 and will also be available at the door, but believe us when we say that this will be an event for the ages.

What’s on the docket for March 25th? We’re proud to announce the full card right here, right now.

Super Art Fight vs. Frederick Six-Person Tag Challenge
Super Art Fight All-Stars
(Kelsey Wailes, Chris “Impact” Impink & Jamie “Brawlin'” Baldwin)
Frederick’s Own Art Alchemy Circle (Tom “Cheezer” Kemp, Colin Smallwood & and Shane Acuff)

in a new city. In the case of our Frederick show, we’ve really pushed it hard.  Giving fans a FIRST EVER six person tag bout, we also get to feature a team of new artists attacking the canvas.  The Art Alchemy Circle has been making their name in the Frederick area for sometime with their stunning murals and eye catching live painting events, but they’ve got quite a challenge in our selected team of Super Art Fight All-Stars.  With a creator, an amazing rookie sensation and a former SAF champion in the midst, it’s going to be a hard road for Cheezer and company to travel. Who will win? Find out when you join us on March 25th!

The Road to SAFX – Prindiville & Bracco Choose Each Other’s Opponents – Bout 1
Bryan Prindiville
Nick “Ghostfreehood” Borkowicz

As the spectre of SAFX looms in the distance, Prindiville and Bracco want to have their respective advantages on their opponent, in the hopes of weakening them enough to walk away as SAF Champion on April 22nd. So, when it came time for Bracco to choose an opponent for Bryan Prindiville, he not only chose someone who Bryan never had faced in one on one combat, but someone who has had more title shots than anyone on the Super Art Fight roster – NICK “GHOSTFREEHOOD” BORKOWICZ. With comparable styles, growing fanbases, and the tenacity to win strong in both opponents, anyone could win. It’s going to be a bout for the ages!

The Road to SAFX – Prindiville & Bracco Choose Each Other’s Opponents – Bout 2
Michael “Spaghetti Kiss” Bracco
Jami “Angry Zen Master” Noguchi

It’s another first time one on one SAF bout perfect for Frederick, and it’s a return fire in kind. If Bracco is going to make Prindiville battle a Super Art Fight icon in Borkowicz, it’s only fair that Bracco has to do the same, and there’s no better opponent than the raging flame that is Jami “Angry Zen Master” Noguchi. Bracco and Noguchi last faced off in a four way bout at Super Art Fight 4, a battle that saw Bracco crowned champion for the first time. But on March 25th, it’s going to be a main event for the history books, as our current champion battles our first ever champion. Downtown Frederick will NEVER be the same!

Three amazing bouts, including a first ever six person tag – it’s a show that will leave new fans jaw agape, and existing fans blown away. We cannot wait to make a new home in Frederick, Maryland and we hope you can join us live! The Road to SAFX heats up here, and 2011 will only get crazier!

Big thanks to the Cultural Arts Center for having us out, and Flying Dog Brewery for sponsoring the night’s events.

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