SAFX: DC Rematch Signed For April 22!

When we announced our two events on the Road to SAFX, we said the bouts held there would directly impact the card for Super Art Fight X.  The third bout to be announced for the show proves this in spades.

During our sold out Washington DC debut, fans were able to see a first time match, a match that many behind the scenes were looking forward to, but no one knew how it would deliver.

On one side, you had SAF rookie Brandon J. Carr, an undefeated record under his belt, in front of his hometown audience.

On the other, you had a true Super Art Fight legend in Nick “Ghostfreehood” Borkowicz, a man who has seen success in both the singles and tag competitions, ready to see his creation take on a new city.

And how they battled, dazzling an audience full of existing SAF fans and converting those who had yet to learn what an art fight really meant yet.

When the dust settled, Brandon J. Carr had his hand raised in victory. But everyone knew that it really wasn’t over.

Once it came time to set the matches for SAFX, we knew one had to be made for sure – and on April 22nd at the Ottobar in Baltimore, we WILL deliver.

It will be…


Nick “Ghostfreehood” Borkowicz vs. Brandon J. Carr

You might be wondering – what makes it high stakes?  Each artist is putting something up that is very near and dear to them.  What will it be? You will have to join us at the Ottobar on April 22nd to find out for sure.

Buy your tickets NOW at, don’t be left out!

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