The Next Generation of Live Art Entertainment: SAF IDOL RESULTS!

Photo Courtesy Of Kerry Benton

This past Saturday afternoon, we at Super Art Fight were proud to present a unique event unlike any we’ve ever hosted before – Super Art Fight Idol.

On this day, 16 individuals battled tooth and nail to become the next permanent member of the Super Art Fight roster.  It was truly unlike any of our shows to date, with a whopping fourteen bouts. New stars were born, tough decisions were made, and a highly surprising ending wrapped up the day.

Here are the results as they went down.  All bouts were judged by SAF co-founders Nick “Ghostfreehood” Borkowicz and Jami “Angry Zen Master” Noguchi alongside SAF Champion Michael “Spaghetti Kiss” Bracco.  Live commentary was provided by Ross Nover and Marty Day, with DJ Sheephead dropping the beats.

-SAF Idol: Round 1-

Joe Hunter defeated Zach Ginsburg

Henry Alexander defeated Peter Johnson

Mike O’Brien defeated Rain Tessman

Jeff Eoff defeated Mike Donohue

Darl Gnau defeated Sam Haines

Felipe Gonclaves defeated Dann Malihom

Monica Gallagher defeated Ashley Harnden

Mark Tomczak defeated RL May III

-SAF Idol: Quarter Finals-

Henry Alexander defeated Joe Hunter

Mike O’Brien defeated Jeff Eoff

Darl Gnau defeated Felipe Gonclaves

Monica Gallagher defeated Mark Tomczak

-SAF Idol: Semi Finals-

Henry Alexander defeated Mike O’Brien

Monica Gallagher and Darl Gnau went to a judge’s decision…

The decision was made as follows…At Super Art Fight XI, we will have the first ever SAF Three-Way Dance – Henry Alexander, Darl Gnau AND Monica Gallagher will battle for the SAF Roster Spot!

A HUGE thanks goes out to all sixteen artists who traveled to the show (special thanks to Joe Hunter, who came all the way from OHIO! and Rain Tessman, who joined us from CONNECTICUT!), and of course The Metro Gallery for allowing us to host experimental shows like Super Art Fight Idol.  We promised that this wasn’t the last time you’d see these artists, and we will hold to it – just because these artists didn’t make it to the final bout doesn’t mean they’re gone for good! Such amazing talent on display that we HAVE to have them back soon!

Meanwhile, for our folks in Baltimore, we’ll be seeing you next at Super Art Fight XI, which is the topic of our next post!

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  1. Sam Haines says:

    I feel like an ass in that picture because I am standing in front of Joe

  2. T’was a good day, I’ll definitely be back if there’s another one.

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