Your SUPER ART FIGHT 11 Headlining Musical Guest: ANAMANAGUCHI

Heading into Super Art Fight 11, we knew we needed something new and different for our musical guest.

We needed a band that appealed to our audience, but we needed something…new. Something not really seen at the Ottobar thus far. We’ve brought you amazing local rock bands. We’ve brought you amazing Japanese punk rock. We’ve brought you reinterpreted video game music. We’ve brought you some of the finest in nerdcore hip hop.

How does some amazing 8-bit rock and roll sound?

Awesome? DAMN RIGHT – as Saturday Night, August 20th, 2011, we are proud to announce our headlining musical guest…ANAMANAGUCHI!!!

Perhaps best known for having their music featured at Penny Arcade’s bi-annual PAX gaming festival, as the opening of the hyperpopular Nerdist podcast or for providing the soundtrack to the videogame version of Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, Anamanaguchi has been melting faces around the world, and we’re proud to feature them for the FIRST TIME on the Ottobar stage.

Tickets for Super Art Fight 11 will go on sale FRIDAY at for just $15, and we will announce the secondary musical act very soon. For out of towners, you may want to know that our show will be going on the same weekend as Baltimore Comic Con, so you can make a weekend out of it! If you’ll be joining us, be sure to drop in and RSVP on our Facebook event, we are on there, after all.

More details for SAF11 to come soon, including a full card. In the meantime, for those who have never heard Anamanaguchi before, here’s a sample track – “Airbrushed”!

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