The Havoc In Hartford II: CONNECTICON 2011 Results!

Photo Credit: Chelsea Edwards

For the third year in a row, the Super Art Fight fanbase has spoken.  While we may be Baltimore born and bread, Hartford, CT really is our secondary home.

In the shadow of a company who we borrow more than a few concepts from, we made our Connecticon return, and in front of over 2000 screaming fans, put on one of the biggest shows of our existence.  Art Fighters past, present and future were gathered for one of the most unique bouts ever, The SAF Rumble, and the main event pitted two longtime fan favorites in a bout to finally end years long undefeated streaks.

What went down? Here you go, gang.

  • Nick “Ghostfreehood” Borkowicz defeated Super Art Fight Champion Michael “Spaghetti Kiss” Bracco
    The show kicked off with two SAF vets, as two competitors known for their theatricality battled tooth and nail, not only setting the pace for the event themselves, but showing CTCon what Art Fighting is all about. While he was dressed as a Gorilla, Borkowicz proved he wasn’t monkeying around, as he scored a key road victory over the reigning SAF champion, the flamboyant Michael Bracco.
  • Jami “Angry Zen Master” Noguchi outlasted 12 other competitors to win the first ever Super Art Fight Rumble.
    First in…and last out. Earning a new nickname of “Iron Man”, our own Angry Zen Master conquered one of the difficult victories in SAF history – defeating 12 other art fighters in a non-stop elimination bout. We saw SAF All Stars like Caldwell Tanner, Garth Graham and Jamie Baldwin; SAF Idolists such as Peter Johnson, Mike Donahue, Ashley Harnden and Rain Tessman; and outside talent such as David Willis, Joel Watson, Alina Pete and Alex Heberling – our own DERN got into the action, but Jami stepped up and took them all down. It was a madcap performance the likes of which had never been seen at an SAF before, but on this day, Jami went the distance – having his hand raised in victory, and the trophy going home with him. An amazing spectacle that could only be held at a stage as large (literally and figuratively) as Connecticon.
  • Yuko Ota defeated Lar DeSouza in the Main Event of the evening.
    Joining us both for Connecticon 2009 and live event since, Yuko and Lar were two of the most respected and beloved art fighters to never become full-time roster members. But more so than that, they shared the same record – completely undefeated. With two big name talents such as they, we knew that on this day, a very special main event had to be held, and both delivered.  The battle went everywhere, across all 6 panels, onto an additional four, and it drew the crowd into such a frenzy that our commentators were left silent by the cheers and chants.  At the end of the 25 minute period, only one could walk away with a perfect record, and on that day, Connecticon chose Yuko Ota as the victor! An amazing performance from both artists, and a bout that will be talked about for some time to come.

Once again, we at Super Art Fight would like to thank each and every one of you who packed the Connecticon Main Events room for a show that just a few years ago was breaking fire codes.  It’s an honor and a pleasure to perform for you every year, and if you thought this show was amazing, just wait until 2012!

Big thanks again to Alyssa Mow for booking us again, and Eric Badger for making sure we were taken care of all weekend long.  Connecticon is truly a classy show that shows other cons how it should be done. Our New England Swing was an amazing weekend, and we hope to see you folks up north again real soon!

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