July 16, 2009. Super Art Fight 4.

Battled in the shadow of Otakon 2009, Super Art Fight 4 was a momentous night for SAF as a whole. But for two individuals, it was a key night in their Art Fight destiny.

Kelsey Wailes – She made her debut at Super Art Fight 4, outlasting and defeating 5 other competitors in the first ever “Do or Die” Battle Royale, securing a Super Art Fight roster spot and beginning a path that has made her one of the most popular competitors in our league today.

Michael Bracco – After suffering a key loss in his debut, Bracco battled back, forming an impressive undefeated streak, and at Super Art Fight 4 he defeated 3 of SAF’s greatest, securing his first ever Super Art Fight Championship.  Arguably Super Art Fight’s franchise player, he’s parlayed this key moment into a second Super Art Fight championship reign and an ever growing, very vocal fanbase.

Now, over two years later, the destiny of these competitors will once again cross paths – but this time, it will be against each other.

At Super Art Fight 11, on Saturday Night, August 20th live from The Ottobar in Baltimore, Maryland, your main event will be….

Michael “Spaghetti Kiss” Bracco
Kelsey “Killer” Wailes

Kelsey Wailes, as a number #1 contender to not one, but two titles, is looking to leave the Ottobar with one, perhaps TWO titles wrapped around her waist. Michael Bracco wants to continue his record setting second world title reign, showing that he truly is THE man in Super Art Fight…but can he defeat Kelsey Wailes?

Bracco is coming off of a string of road losses, including losing to Wailes at Katsucon 17 this past February – will she have his number? Will a new Super Art Fight Champion be crowned?

Only one way to find out, and one way to truly enjoy it – JOIN US LIVE, AT THE OTTOBAR, ON SATURDAY NIGHT, AUGUST 20TH for SUPER ART FIGHT 11.

Tickets are on sale NOW at – get them NOW, and be sure to not get shut out!

Stay tuned as we present even more information on forthcoming bouts, including the Super Art Fight IDOL finals, and the crowning of the inaugural Super Art Fight Tag Champions!

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