The most dangerous device in Super Art Fight is hands down….THE WHEEL OF DEATH.

The reckless random topic generator has made veterans fall, rookies shine and champions into legends, and at Super Art Fight 11, the fate of the wheel is once again…in your hands.

As we do every show, we are proud to once again open up the WHEEL OF DEATH Suggestion Post to you, our fans – please feel free to add any and all topics for our artists to draw on Saturday Night, August 20th at The Ottobar in Baltimore, Maryland.

Per usual, we recommend brevity in your topic suggestions – “Rollerskating Robocop” is a much stronger suggestion than “Rollerskating Robocop Riding A Pony While Eating Licorice and Pondering The State of The Greek Economy”. Give our artists the ability to take some risks, use some ingenuity and blow the audience away.  Any topics can/may be edited before final use before showtime, and your submission of topics within this post becomes the property of Super Art Fight LLC for use in any/all future live events.

Topics will be collected for use until Tuesday Night, August 16th, so suggest early, suggest often, and be sure to join us LIVE to see what topics make it to the boards!  Your topics will choose champions, new artists and the future path of Super Art Fight – choose wisely.

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41 Responses to SAF11: FEED The WHEEL OF DEATH

  1. B says:

    Two Facetime
    Bieber Fever
    Spiderman in the Mirror
    I Hate Dora The Explorer
    Dora’s Fucking Money
    And That Stupid Map and Backpack

  2. Jillzore says:

    *Jon H Benjamin Franklin
    *Not a Dick

  3. Darl Gnau says:

    Fantastic Four…
    Brock Samsonite
    Gravy Train
    Darth Penguin
    Mrs. Redskull
    Inconvenient Pets
    Imaginarium of Dr Kevorkian

  4. Alex says:

    Paula Deen’s Deadliest Recipe
    Secret Childhood Crush
    Zombie Winehouse (too soon?)
    Captain Fast Food America

  5. Rob says:






  6. TheShoctor says:

    Sling Blade Runner

  7. Sam Haines says:

    Its A trap
    captain planet
    pizza party
    robo goat
    hippos on ice
    Alfred Pennyworth V.S. Pepper Potts

  8. Your Opponent as a My Little Pony

  9. Rain says:

    – Ross Supernova
    – Bacon + Bacon + Bacon
    – Charging Rhinos
    – Too Soon?

  10. Aaronichi says:

    Human Torchwood

  11. Aaronichi says:

    The Quick and the Broseph
    Business Ethics
    Cowboys and Carebears
    Dr Whoville
    Zombie vs Kraken

  12. ken says:

    manbear pig
    fighting tofu
    doug funny
    all that

  13. Richard says:

    Political Shenanigans
    Depressed Superheroes
    Shy Ninjas
    Fat Terminator
    Capitalist Smurfs
    Pissed-off Endangered Species
    Guns with Babies
    Half-fish Half-Reagan
    Captain James T. Picard
    Polite Cannibals
    Suicidal Superman

  14. seymore butts says:

    *Nu shots *Marty &Ross as mechs * Honeybadger * The protomen V. kiss army * failed megaman villians * colassus yell * scud * tricycles vs. segues * john waters * ebichuman * tri boob * Emo superman * christmas donkey * an ex with a super fatty * ugly dogs * cats with bowties * cats in a basket * cats on a rainbow * dolly parton as a man * the terrible secret of lunastus * brok sampsonite * cheese * robot weiners

  15. Aaronichi says:

    Iron nipples of fury
    The Sound and the Furry
    People of Walmart
    Dr Whoville
    The Brave Little Tentacle

  16. HSMagnet says:

    The World According to DRUNK HULK

    the little vibrator that could

    the Pride and the testes

    she put the mojo in it

    Batman & Catwoman variety show

  17. Leah says:

    Vocaloid Overlords
    Steampunk Vegetables
    Your opponent’s mom
    Rise of the planet of the Sloths
    Wallace Wells in his Natural Habitat
    Furby’s Epic Yarn
    Little Big Steampunk Planet
    Hipster Yoda
    The Real Houswives of Hyrule

  18. Hank Venture says:

    Zombie Dr Jonas Venture
    Epic Meal Time (we wrap Pokemon in Bacon, BITCH!)
    Dr Seuss Characters….UNLEASHED
    Badass Squirrels
    Mariachi Pokemon
    When Yo Gabba Gabba attacks!

  19. Mark Tomczak says:

    Inappropriate Cosplays
    Hipster Superheroes
    Things that start with “pen” and don’t end in “is”

  20. Rob says:

    Miles Morales vs Peter Parker


    Evil Dead

    Gargoyles the Bounty Hunter

    Taco vs Grilled Cheese

    Operation Leaf Blower

    Double Dare

  21. Kimba says:

    – super heroes as lego men
    – blue footed boobies (birds)
    – castles
    – thatch roof cottages

  22. someone says:

    dyslexic daleks
    sad shark
    rabid mameshiba beans
    your opponent as a kaiju
    totoro goes to the vet
    things you shouldn’t find in a katamari
    ice ice cold cold
    unattractive furries
    frown at your opponent as hard as you can

  23. zombie panda

    Corn on the Kob

    Water bear (the tardigrade)


    Transformers in tutus

  24. CharlesinCharge says:

    David Bowie Eating Food
    Close calls with brick walls
    Rubber Chickens

  25. Leah says:

    Anything from a club Stefon would go to

  26. Zach says:

    Digimon Gucci Mane
    The Hammer is my penis
    I’m no conjurer of Cheap Trick

  27. Grig Larson says:

    Leather Kites riding Motor Pikes
    Led Zeppelin as Balloon Animals
    Jive Turkey
    Toilets of the Damned
    Captain James T Kierkegaard
    Rejected Transformers Toys
    Obama Llama
    The Great Wall of China if it was in the American South
    Shirley You Must Be Kidding
    Terminator 2 Done by Cheesy Grade School Play
    Raver Raven
    Breakfast Cereal Mascots in Famous Art
    Darth Vegas
    WKRP in Sin City
    Rejected Celebrity Beer
    Viet Cong “Charlie” Chaplin
    A Penguin Overreacting
    Kill Bill Gates
    Any Scene from “300” Done By Garden Gnomes
    Characters from “Hardware Wars”
    Mike Rowe Phone
    Witches Riding Vacuums
    Anime Extreme Bowling
    Lesser-Known Greek Goddesses
    Buck-toothed Teenage Vampires
    Modern Versions of Roman Gods
    Spiders on Rollerskates
    Ironing Board of Education
    Toddlers with Chainsaws
    Velvet Paintings of Hobo Clowns vs. Sad-Eyed Orphans
    Mr. Roarke and Tattoo Slash Fic
    Carp Armed and Dangerous
    Inner City Detroit Version of Hogwarts

  28. Grig Larson says:

    Dune: Dessert Planet
    The “Eat Me” Parade Float from “Animal House”
    Girl Scout Wookies
    Sharktopus vs. Mansquito
    Grand Theft Buggy: Amish Countryside
    Opponent as Insulting Racial or Sexual Stereotype
    Drunk Skunk Punk Monks
    Opponent as Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Balloon
    If Male Ice Skaters Were Straight
    Opponents Must Draw With Other Hand
    Artist’s Least Favorite Teacher Dying Horribly
    Vicki from “Small Wonder” as Cyborg Assassin

  29. Grig Larson says:

    Famous Album Covers
    If the Internet Was a Hot Woman
    Hasidic Movie Monsters
    Super Heroes in Burqas
    Olde Tyme Bathing Suits
    The Cake is a LIe

  30. the man La Belle says:

    over 9,000!!!
    venom in drag
    lobo the duck
    marvel heroes hockey

  31. ArtFan says:

    *Godzilla vs Donald Trump
    *ernie and bert
    *x-men vs naruto
    *killer hamsters

  32. Matt Smith says:

    habitrail tube from hell
    Office drones
    canned hamster
    a ceiling of debt

  33. James says:

    Weapons Of Mass Dysfunction
    Care Bear-pocalypse
    Kirby Eats It.. (Jack or Nintendo, either one)

  34. Milky says:

    Kawaii Slenderman
    Flying Spaghetti Monster

  35. Oklahoma says:

    Puzzle Piece Porno
    Steampunk Puppet Pals
    Chuck Norris…ON THE MOON
    A walrus with donuts on its tusks
    Ewok Barber Shop
    When Miyazaki films attack
    My little Pony: Friendship is magic –word to my bronies

  36. RavageRorr says:

    Bill Cosby Jello Cube
    Robot Lumberjack
    Mega-Mecha Crab
    Voltron Voldemort
    Gentlemen Aliens and Predators
    Battle Pigeons
    Cyber-Steam-Punk-Space Marine
    My Little Rage Quitters
    Hipster Mormon Vampires

  37. Yes says:

    Pelican-Man, the pelican super-hero

  38. greg says:

    Starship Supertroopers
    Jefferson Starship Troopers
    Double Bubble vs Double Dip Recession
    Cereal Mascots
    English people
    Mongol Horde
    Your Twitter Name
    Failwhale vs Kelsey Wailes
    The Starbucks of Hell
    Profane versions of logos
    Gnome Basketball
    Your World of Warcraft character
    PeeWee Herman
    Dr Whoville
    Two paths diverged in a wood…
    Casey at bat
    Winnie-the-Pooh vs Paddington Bear
    Your opponent naked
    SuperArtFight Inception
    Nyancat Carebear Stare
    Drew Carey vs Drew Barrymore
    Harvey vs Donnie Darko rabbit
    Rejected versions of Batman
    Map of the Earth
    The deaths of boybands
    A Potato
    Michael Bay in a Michael Bay movie
    Frank Zappa
    JFK vs Mayor Quimby
    Mustaches on EVERYTHING!
    Google+ vs Facebook

  39. VOLTRON says:

    Shark-animal mutant monsters
    Bears in wizard robes
    Really angry dinosaurs
    Man-eating ceiling fans

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