As we get closer and closer to Super Art Fight 11 at The Ottobar in Baltimore, Maryland on Saturday, August 20th, 2011, it comes to us that this might just be the most stacked show we’ve EVER had.

TWO title bouts (including the first ever Super Art Fight Tag Title bout), the finals of Super Art Fight IDOL, plus an amazing musical guest in Anamanaguchi, we could probably just rest on our laurels until showtime, right?

But we realized that the awesome art fight cake with Anamanaguchi frosting we put together needed something more, something to put the show over the top. Some sprinkles, if you will. The silly plastic figurine on the cake. Maybe even the edible laser printer design placed upon the cake.

…maybe not that last one, it sucks, but YOU GET THE IDEA. SOMETHING ELSE AWESOME.

So we got ourselves another musical act, one that you may not know by name, but we feel will have you totally psyched come showtime – Bear & Walrus.

A chiptune duo splitting between Philadelphia, PA and our homebase of Baltimore, MD, Chad Clikeman & Zachary Reese put together some absolutely stunning 8-bit flavored music that is sure to grab your attention, draw you in and have you jammin’ out on August 20th.

You can check out their latest album, Image Poems, plus their prior releases, on their Bandcamp website, which is right here.  Give them a listen and you’ll be sure to see why they are the sprinkles for the evening, making Super Art Fight 11 one of our biggest shows yet.

Be sure to get your tickets EARLY, and get them AS SOON AS YOU can, right now from, just $15, and be sure to join us on August 20th at The Ottobar!

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