SAF11: What You NEED To Know Before Showtime!

Well folks, this is it.  After months of hype, buildup and excitement, tomorrow night at 9pm, the stage will be set and Super Art Fight 11 will finally be here.

Coming at you live from The Ottobar in Baltimore, Maryland, we intend to give you everything we have to make for one of the greatest shows we’ve done to date.  It’s been 4 long months since we last graced the stage of our home, and we want to remind you exactly how much we love Charm City.

That said, here are some important things to know about before showtime.

  • Tickets: Super Art Fight 11 currently has the highest pre-sale of any event we’ve put on to date (thank you VERY, VERY much). While there are still ample tickets available, past shows have resulted in a heavy, heavy walkup (including lines outside and around the venue), so we must advise you, if you haven’t decided to purchase tickets via, available for just a few more hours at the time of this post, GET THERE EARLY.  We will do our best to get everyone we can into the show, but in the event of a sell-out, we apologize if you are shut out.
  • Baltimore Comic Con Folks: Are you attending Baltimore Comic Con? Great! So are we! (Well, many of us at least).  Baltimore Comic Con closes its doors for the day on Saturday at 6pm. Our show has a door time of 8pm, with the show starting promptly at 9pm, more than enough time for you to grab a nice dinner and then enjoy an evening of amazing music and art fighting. Per Google Maps, it’s a short 9 minute drive from the Convention Center to the Ottobar, so do not fret!
  • Show Order: If you’re wondering exactly the running order for tomorow night’s show, here you go.
    -BOUT 1: SAF Tag Title Match Noguchi/Impink versus Borkowicz/Wailes
    -BOUT 2: Baldwin versus Carr
    -MUSICAL GUEST 1: Bear & Walrus
    -BOUT 3: SAF Idol Finals Alexander versus Gnau
    -BOUT 4: SAF Title Bout Bracco versus Wailes
    -MUSICAL GUEST 2: Anamanaguchi
  • Sponsors & Giveaways: Just like Super Art Fight X, this show has been sponsored by the lovely people at ThinkGeek and Alliance Comics. Come on out and find out how you can win an assortment of gift certificates from both of our amazing sponsors.
  • Merchandise: As usual, we’ll have a stocked merchandise table, including the shirts and prints you’ve come to expect from our past shows.  We’re proud to debut two new items, as we’ll be selling a limited run of the 8-bit styled Super Art Fight 11 poster designed by Kelsey Wailes, plus this…somewhat disturbing new t-shirt design from Michael Bracco.

    Also, as usual, the art created over the course of the night will be available for auction, and pre-purchase prints will be for sale as well.
  • If you have any last minute questions or concerns, hit us up on Twitter. We’ll be posting live updates at (shocker) @SuperArtFight.
Once again, we are so VERY VERY excited to put this show on tomorrow night, and we thank you again for being the greatest audience in the world to perform for. We’ll see you at the Ottobar, where anything and everything can and will happen.
Let’s count it down…3-2-1…ART FIGHT!
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