Folks, there is nothing we love more than getting to come back to a Super Art Fight town.

So you can imagine how excited we are that in September, we’ll be back in Rockville, Maryland for TWO WEEKENDS in a ROW, presenting two, VERY unique, VERY different events.

Saturday, September 10th brings SPX (Small Press Expo) to Rockville, MD.  For the first time ever, we at Super Art Fight get to serve as the post Ignatz Awards entertainment, showcasing a short, two bout set mixing Super Art Fight legends with the stars of the independent comics world to a brand new audience!

The following weekend, Saturday, September 17th, we return to the scene of quite a few mind crimes, as we return for the second annual Intervention internet convention!  If you saw us there LAST year, you know the deal for THIS year. During the afternoon, we’ll be doing an all age…OK, PG-13 live show full of the Super Art Fight action you know and love.  But as the night gets later, hold on to your butts, as we’ll be presenting Super Art Fight Unleashed, an 18+ event that mixes no-holds barred Q&A with the entire Super Art Fight family along with some of the most bizarre, surreal and downright deplorable art created by our crew that you will EVER see.  Please note – due to the unique nature of the event (and the fact that we have day jobs), NO PHOTOGRAPHY OR VIDEO WILL BE ALLOWED. If we see you do it, you’re out.  So you’ll want to join us LIVE for this one, as you just get ONE chance to experience it – in PERSON.

Click the links on both con names for full ticket details, and in the days and weeks closer, we’ll share out with you a full roster of talent and the scheduled bouts!  We hope to see all of our DC/MD area fans across these two shows and meet more along the way, it’s going to be great fun this September!

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3 Responses to BRING ON SEPTEMBER! Two Weekends Back To Back In ROCKVILLE, MD!

  1. Kimba says:

    Weehoo!! I’ll be at SPX, so I am so going to see the show.

  2. Kimba says:

    I was just on the SPX site, but they don’t have the time of when the award show will be held, I don’t suppose you guys have been told roughly at what time you’ll be going on so I can put it on my calendar for the day.

  3. Marty Day says:

    We’re still waiting on word ourselves – I know it’s going to be after the show floor closes, but the exact timing of everything, we’ll show (and announce) soon.

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