Last March, we at Super Art Fight had the honor and pleasure of making our Frederick, Maryland debut, showcasing our unique traveling live art competition in front of a sold out crowd at the amazing Cultural Arts Center.

This Saturday night, October 8th, we return with a packed card featuring some of Super Art Fight’s absolute best – and, for those who were unfortunately shut out last time, we’ve moved into the facilites larger room to allow for a bigger audience.  The event features some of our most elite homegrown talent, and we cannot wait to bring the fury back to Frederick.

The doors for the show open at 7pm with the show starting at 8pm, your hosts are our standard commentary team of Marty Day and Ross Nover.

Here’s what you will see tackling the canvas on Saturday night.

Super Art Fight Tag Champion Kelsey “Killer” Wailes vs. Chris “Impact” Impink
Having battled on separate sides of relentless tag team action back at Super Art Fight XI in Baltimore, Wailes and Impink battle one on one as the feud between these teams continues through 2011.  Wailes is looking to avenge her heartbreaking loss against Michael Bracco at SAFXI and wants to return to the top of the singles rankings, while Impink wants to keep his positive momentum since forming Team Impact rolling into SAF12 next month. Who will come out on top?

Jamie “Angry Zen Master” Noguchi vs. Bryan “Silent But Violent” Prindiville
For Bryan “Silent But Violent” Prindiville, it’s been nearly six months since he’s been in an Art Fight proper. Last seen fighting Michael Bracco for the Super Art Fight Championship, Prindiville has been even more silent than usual, keeping quiet and waiting for the time to re-enter the fray. At Super Art Fight XI, he shocked the SAF fanbase by returning as a member of Team Impact, being a crucial third member for Super Art Fight’s newest stable, but Saturday night, he returns against one of his new friends.  As the road to Super Art Fight 12 begins, the SAF Championship Committee is looking for new contenders to battle against the dominant Michael Bracco, and when it comes to championships, there is no such thing as friendships.  But don’t count out Jamie Noguchi – co-founder of this very company, he is one of the most wily and skilled competitors in all of SAF, and Prindiville has never had to battle an opponent so wild and unpredictable.  This will be one to watch for sure!

Generational Three Way Dance: Super Art Fight Tag Champion Nick “Ghostfreehood” Borkowicz vs. Super Art Fight Champion Michael “Spaghetti Kiss” Bracco vs. Darl “Apocalypse” Gnau
Returning to a city that clearly loves Super Art Fight as much as Frederick, we knew that we needed to deliver something truly special as the main event of the card.  And lo, we bring you three generations of Super Art Fight tackling the canvas.  In Nick Borkowicz, you have one of the founders, the pioneer of this unique art form and competition that has mystified audiences and blown away crowds since its inception three years ago. In Michael Bracco, you have the first true star of Super Art Fight, a man who started in the opening bout of our first show and has worked his way to the top, becoming a memorable fan favorite and a two time SAF Champion. And in Darl Gnau, you have the newest generation of Art Fighter, having just become a full time part of the Super Art Fight roster at SAFXI.  Here, he faces not just one, but two of his hardest tests. The future of Super Art Fight will be at stake in this one, and we cannot wait to showcase it in Frederick, Maryland.

Additionally, serving as live, improvised musical accompaniment,  we are proud to announce that Dominic Cerquetti will be joining us in attendance, melting faces with his keyboards!

Tickets will be available at the door for just $10, but can be pre-purchased by calling 301-662-4190!

For those who are looking to make this weekend a Super Art Fight weekend, if you are in the Baltimore area be sure to check out the amazing Death Star Art Show, an art show mashing up horror favorites with Star Wars, featuring many Super Art Fight competitors past and present.

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