SAF12: Battle Of The Big Men Signed!

This past August at Super Art Fight 11, the search for the first ever Super Art Fight Idol came to a close, and the victor was one Darl “Apocalypse” Gnau.

Having beaten 14 other competitors this past May, and defeated one final competitor at SAF11, he has made an impact since first tackling the canvas – and it’s not just in his impressive art fighting skill, either (having defeated SAF Champion Michael Bracco & SAF Co-Founder Nick Borkowicz in a 3-way dance in Frederick, MD last month).

In an increasingly surreal roster made up of unique characters and loud personalities, Darl is calm and reserved.  A man of few words, his actions speak much louder – his large frame allowing him to tower over much of the SAF roster, his head to toe tattoos making him stand out as much as some of the elaborate costumes seen on our artists.

Hm. Man of few words. Actions speaking louder. Large frame, allowing him to tower over others…

That sounds a good bit like our own Bryan “Silent But Violent” Prindiville!

Having returned after his heartbreaking SAF title loss at SAFX, Prindiville has stricken an alliance with the crazy men in Team Impact, but he still longs for solo stardom.  He’s been to the summit of the mountain – but this time, he wants to reach the top and conquer it.

So, with two strong personalities who strike fear into the rest of the competition from sheer strength and ability, we just HAD to throw them at each other.

At Super Art Fight 12, Saturday Night, November 19th in Baltimore, Maryland, live at The Ottobar, we’re proud to announce a battle of the hosses! It will be…

Darl “Apocalypse” Gnau versus Bryan “Silent But Violent” Prindiville

This is a FIRST TIME Super Art Fight battle that is sure to blow you away.  A mysterious rookie looking to make his way to the top, a strong veteran looking to restart his run to the same – this is going to be a hell of a battle.

Be sure to join us LIVE and IN PERSON – tickets are on sale NOW at for just $15!

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