SAF12: We’ve Got A Title Contender!

Coming out of the insanity that was Super Art Fight 11, you may have noticed that there was no crowning of a proper number one contender for the Super Art Fight Championship, currently held by Michael “Spaghetti Kiss” Bracco.

In turn, the Super Art Fight Championship Committee started looking at the entire Super Art Fight roster, past and present, striving to find a proper challenger to Michael Bracco. They weighed win/loss records, experience level, and even intangible concepts like levels of fan interest and whether it would be a first time bout.

But in the end, it was a simple letter that won one of our competitors the title shot.  A letter hand delivered by courier, with flowers and a box of chocolates, this letter came to the SAF Offices and earned this person the shot at SAF12.  We now present this letter in full.

My Dear Art Fight Commissioners –

I’ve thought long and hard about what I’m about to request and feel that I am well within my rights to request it. For too long has the Super Art Fight title been held by the brutish Michael Bracco (that’s unfair, of course…Mr. Bracco is genuinely both intelligent and friendly (also, as a side note, handsome) and I’m wrong to suggest otherwise, so please forgive me) and it is high time another champion rose up and deposed him in his reign (this makes him sound dictatorial, which might be a misstep and I apologize for any confusion or libel).

I would like to humbly suggest myself as an appropriate challenger, please. The evening of Super Art Fight 12 will be just shy of my one year anniversary as a Super Art Fighter and if I may say so without seeming cocky (or any less vulgar-sounding expression of the same sentiment), I have done quite well. Through (polite) combat and wielding panache and expertise (if I may make an approximation like that of myself (which I probably should not, but it cannot be helped in this matter of proving my point (I hope you wont view it as a manipulation of facts (if so, I beg forgiveness)))) I have won victories (likely by very, very, very small (and always surprising) margins) and suffered only a single loss (to a worthy (and also handsome) competitor who completely deserved his win).

Therefore, I come to you on my knees (I am actually writing out this letter while on my knees for the sake of authenticity) to beg (humbly) for a chance to lose to Michael Bracco in the Title Fight at Super Art Fight 12. While it is no doubt he is the superior fighter (and, I would imagine, player of musical instruments) and completely worthy of an enduring record such as his (moreso, even, but we have to account for a margin of error), I should like the opportunity to try and crush him into the stage floor (not likely, of course (nor literally, as Ottobar would be most displeased)) on November 19, 2011.

I hope this message is not seen as impertinent and is taken in the humble, kind and jovial spirit in which it’s intended.

Yours nicely,
Brandon J. Carr

How could anyone say no to that?

So consider it set as our MAIN EVENT OF THE EVENING as Michael Bracco aims to go ONE YEAR as champion, tying his prior reign, and Brandon J. Carr attempts to celebrate ONE YEAR of Art Fighting as the new champion – it will be…

Super Art Fight Championship Bout
Michael “Spaghetti Kiss” Bracco (Champion)
“The Nicest Man In Art Fight” Brandon J. Carr (Challenger)

Get your tickets TODAY, and come out to the Ottobar in Baltimore, MD on November 19th to see the action as it takes place – Super Art Fight 12, our final show of 2011 – will it be the beginning of a new era?

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  1. dernjg says:

    The stationary was immaculate.

  2. I made the paper myself.

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