SAF12: A Spotlight On Our Musical Guests!

Super Art Fight 12 is proving to not just be another night of astonishing artwork and eye popping excitement, it’s also proving to be a great night full of great music.

Since we’ve started doing shows, almost three and a half years ago, our goal has not just to put the spotlight on ourselves, but to share it with acts that we really enjoy, and hope you will too – November 19th at The Ottobar is no different!

Photo Credit: Jeffrey Roberts

Our opening musical act is one our fans should be more than familiar with, the indomitable Rare Candy! Having joined us for our first Ottobar event of the year, and also this past weekend in DC, this amazing four piece of video game rockers has blown minds all across the East Coast, and we look forward to having them join us for our final show of the year.  Truly a joy each time they play, we can’t wait to rock out with them one last time in 2011.

Then, as our headliner…

…this time, we aimed for something a little different.  Typically, we pick a band we love, and we KNOW you’ll love. Peelander-Z. Anamanaguchi. MC Frontalot. The list goes on.

This time, we thought we’d try to jump ahead of the curve and give you an artist we KNOW you’ll be loving in 2012 and beyond. And THAT man is Adam WarRock.

Nerdcore rapper? Sure, the title can apply. But what the man is more, is one of the finest purveyors of comic book hip hop we’ve ever heard, and once we heard him, we KNEW we had to bring them to you, the Super Art Fight audience.  The man has made mix tapes about the Browncoats, dropped tracks about Spider-Man just days after SDCC, and apparently has never seen Doctor Who, but the fact is, he’s one of our people – and he’s going to blow your mind on November 19th.  Having just made his name on the national Race Wars tour (featuring MC Lars and MC Chris), we know that this is a dude who will become one of your favorites, so be sure to see him and say that you knew him before he was “cool”.

Two great musical acts. Four astonishing Super Art Fight bouts. It all adds up to an unforgettable night at the Ottobar, and that’s what it will be on November 19th for Super Art Fight 12.  Get your tickets NOW!

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