SAF12: Battle For The #1 Contendership!

So after the lack of set #1 contender after Super Art Fight 11, and the rather…unique way that Brandon J. Carr received his shot at the Super Art Fight Championship, the SAF Championship Committee wanted to make sure of two things…

  1. Coming out of Super Art Fight 12, there MUST be a #1 Contender to the Super Art Fight Championship.
  2. This Contender MUST be found after a hard fought battle!
And so they worked tirelessly, day and night, striving to find the perfect way to find the proper contender.  As the evening reached the dawn, an idea struck them.   Super Art Fight 11 was to feature the first ever Super Art Fight three way dance, at that time, to determine the winner of the Super Art Fight IDOL tournament.  Alas, things changed, and the Ottobar audience was unable to receive such a sight.
But a three person battle – that is a HELL of a way to determine a number one contender!  All that was left were the challengers, and quickly they were decided.
  • Jamie “Angry Zen Master” Noguchi: Member of TEAM IMPACT!, co-creator of Super Art Fight, and the first ever Super Art Fight Champion, Jamie has been building a run of key singles victories on the road. Having been out of the championship mix for some time, it’s time to put him in the mix back at the top, to see how he would do against a new generation of main eventers.
  • Chelsea “Gross Misconduct” Gross: Having taken a slight hiatus from the Super Art Fight world since Super Art Fight X, this Charm City Roller Girl still holds one of the most impressive singles records in the entire roster, and deserves to be in the mix for title contention.
  • Jamie “Brawlin'” Baldwin: The first ever female Super Art Fight champion, and a lady who’s reign lasted an impressive year, she has remained a thorn in Michael Bracco’s side, and perhaps it’s time for their third round.
So…at Super Art Fight 12, coming at you live from Baltimore, Maryland‘s historic Ottobar on Saturday Night, November 19th, we are proud to announce the FIRST EVER Three-Way #1 Contenders Bout…
Jamie “Angry Zen Master” Noguchi
Chelsea “Gross Misconduct” Grose
Jamie “Brawlin'” Baldwin
This bout caps off an absolutely stacked card, set to end 2011 with a bang and set the stage for a completely unpredictable 2012. We at Super Art Fight cannot wait for the 19th, and we hope you once again do us the pleasure of joining us live. Tickets are on sale NOW at  Every single Ottobar show this year has come dangerously close to capacity, so we suggest you get your tickets in advance.
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