You’ve held your breath with anticipation, and now it’s finally time to set forth the destiny of our Super Art Fight roster.

That’s right, it’s time to get together the first WHEEL OF DEATH of 2012!

For those who are new to the WHEEL OF DEATH, the Wheel of Death is the random topic generator which guides every single Super Art Fight bout.  Based on your input and suggestions on this post, we create the list of topics which are given to each and every artist during every bout.

Leave your topics in the comments below, and we’ll clean them up and get them show ready.

As always, we recommend brevity – Robocop As A Helicopter is a GREAT suggestion. Robocop As a Helicopter on Fire While He High Fives Barack Obama is way too lengthy and gives the artist absolutely no way to add their own spin. Besides, we’d reject it anyway. 🙂

This topic suggestion post will be open until Friday, March 9th, and will be first used at our event at The Ottobar on Friday, March 16th, so make it good and make it awesome!


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35 Responses to It’s Time…TO FEED THE WHEEL OF DEATH!

  1. Rick says:

    Throne of Games

    Legendary Sunglasses


  2. Phil Kahn says:


    Muppet Rabies


    Johnny Derpp

    Put a bird on it!

    Vince Offer’s Mad Science

    It Came from deviantART!

    Your shoujopponent

  3. Janny says:

    Atilla the Honeybadger

    Brain Bleach

    Charming Snakes

    Dinosaurs in Fighter Jets

    Legend of Zelda: Skyrim Sword

    Oscar the Groucho

    Rock and Roll

    Santa Claws

    Sid Fishus

    Things That Jump

    Too Many Monkeys

    Vampire Penguins

    Very Silly Hats

    Wheel of… Ducks

    Your Worst Fear

  4. Rob says:

    The Annexation of Puerto Rico


    Meanwhile in Patterson Park

    touch fuzzy get dizzy

  5. James H says:

    Failed X-Men
    By Alan Moore’s Beard!
    Michael Vick’s My Little Ponies

  6. Barb says:

    Vulgar Display of Pancakes

  7. Kara says:

    Bootyful Mermaids

    Johnny Sokka and His Flying Bison

    Corgi Party



  8. Stompadon says:

    Boogers everywhere
    Wiggly Bits
    The Stig
    Daleks Gone Wild
    Super Fart Fight
    Sad Totoro
    Unfortunate Kaiju

  9. Phil Kahn says:

    Schrodinger’s cat vs Pavlov’s dog


    Mad Macs

  10. Zach says:

    Zombie Disney
    Rejected Mascots
    Pop Culture Raptors

  11. Nicole Rodman says:

    Adventure Time/ Venture Brothers mash-up

    Keeping Up With the Cardassians

    Superhero Jeopardy

  12. Tom S says:

    Ultraman destroying city
    Evangelion 3.0 speculation
    Zombie DC Comics

  13. Milt says:

    Heathcliffe Ledger.

    Trollin’ with the homies.

    Potent potables.

  14. Sam Haines says:

    666 the number of Dr. Hank McCoy
    evil balloons
    space hammer

  15. Krissy says:

    Occupy Deathstar

  16. Rossmom says:

    Twilight Zone vs. Mr. Rogers
    Moms vs. Kids
    Babies vs Zombies of Scientific Origin (as opposed to Generic Zombies)
    Tony Bennett vs. Analog Brothers
    Dogs vs Nordic Aliens

  17. Jenna says:

    Ezio Auditore da Firenze as a Pokemon

    A Weeping Angel Dragonborn

  18. Phil Kahn says:

    Plants vs Hombres

  19. Rob says:

    furbies vs gremlins

  20. Kimba says:

    Macaroni Art
    Bonsai TreeBeard
    Excommunicated Carebears

  21. Beefy says:

    Other Animals Liam Neeson Should Fight
    Space Raccoon
    $5 Footlong Beat Down

  22. Mark says:

    Hipster Pokemon

    Pirates vs Ninjas vs Seal Team 6

    Dinosaurs vs Puppies

    The Power of Fiest Compels You!

    Badass Chiapets

  23. Gnarbeard says:

    Applejack Bauer
    Dr. Who Dat Ninja
    The Fresh Artist Formerly Known as Prince of Belair
    BaRockman Obama
    Soulja Boy Meets World

  24. Ken Chen says:

    Proctologist and Gambler
    Johnson and his johnson
    Four Star General Electric Boogaloo
    Tipsy tight roping robot
    Mardi Gras on Sesame Street
    They’re always after Liam Neeson’s Lucky Charms
    Ghost Rider in line at the DMV
    Pretentious Pirates of the Caribbean
    Vanilla Iceman
    Correctional Officer Marvin the Martian

  25. Ary says:

    Musical Ponies
    Angry Artists
    Killer Computers
    Bunnies of Doom
    Everything Tentacles

  26. Brian says:

    April Floodgate & Candy Dwyer

    The Park Fight Prizes

    John Farter of Farts

    2012 Bummer Olioliolioliolympics

    Why the FUCK was Firefly cancelled?!?!?

    Gayblo 4

    Petal Fear Rising: The Revendettengeancing


    Avengers vs. Yo Gabba Gabba

    Ricky Bobby vs. Sebulba

    Noskindiana Bones & the Ringworm of the Bristol Palin

    Dr. Seuss is turning in his grave because of the Lorax film.

    Zach Braff of the Titans

    Abraham Lincoln: Macrame Artist

    The Ablazing Lighter-Man

    Magic The Gathering runs on Satanic power.

    Grass Effect 3: Wrex & Garrus Smoke a Bowl

  27. Brian says:

    Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker beating the shit out of little “Anni” Skywalker

  28. Brian says:


    Barney & Friends Fight Club

  29. Josh Reynolds says:

    Knock knock jokes


    70’s Den

  30. geozilla says:

    Kaas City Community College Glee Club

  31. Robyn W says:

    Zombie Spacebears
    Raptor Jesus
    Cinderella’s Evil Stepbrothers
    Midas touch
    Irish dance boogie
    Megatron’s pet hamster

  32. Cripolizer says:

    Sherlock juggling chainsaws
    Book reading a platypus
    Break dancing hobbits
    David Tennant budding

  33. ennaejoy says:

    Needs More Science!


    Now Time for a Genderbender


    Looks ‘Shopped

    The Awkward Preteen Years of …..

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