Road To The Ottobar: Smack Talk Hits The Web!

We are just two days away from our glorious return to The Ottobar in Baltimore, MD on Friday, March 16th, and our locker room is getting tense.

The tension is so high, in fact, that it’s going to the web, with some smack talk hitting the YouTubes from our various artists.

It started with this unique video statement from Nick “Ghostfreehood” DiFabbio to his opponent, Kelsey “Killer” Wailes.

Then, Jamie “Angry Zen Master” Noguchi made an absolutely apocalyptic statement from Team IMPACT (himself, Mecha IMPACT, Bryan Prindiville and Darl Gnau) towards their opponents and honestly, the entire SAF roster…

If that wasn’t enough, our reigning tag team champions Team Business Ninja (Dann Malihom and Henry Alexander) made it very clear – they’re putting a hit out on the ENTIRE tag team division.

Be there when the tension hits it’s peak – 4 big bouts, 2 title matches, Beefy & Paul and Storm, it’s another huge night at the Ottobar, THIS FRIDAY! Get your tickets NOW!

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