Super Art Fight LIVE! At The Ottobar: Full Results And Post-Show Analysis!

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This past Friday night, we made our first stop of the 2012 Art Fight Season at Baltimore’s own Ottobar for what will go down as one of the most outrageous evenings in Super Art Fight history.

An extremely hyped crowd jam-packed the Ottobar for an event featuring 4 unpredictable bouts, a title change, and two absolutely fantastic musical performances from Beefy and headliners Paul & Storm.  It was a night where Team IMPACT reigned supreme, a new duo marked themselves in the memories and minds of the SAF faithful, and a new SAF title dynasty began.

Here’s what went down.

BOUT 1: Kelsey “Killer” Wailes defeated Ghostfreehood.

A battle of former tag champions torn asunder by their loss of the belts, this opening bout set the pace for the evening. Ghostfreehood appeared in a new, darker persona – the Super Art Fight co-founder has embraced the dark side and intends to bring havoc and insanity to the already crazy world of SAF. He made a strong statement in this bout, but was no match for Kelsey and her “Stompadon” persona, which continues a strong singles run for Wailes.

BOUT 2: Team IMPACT (Bryan “Silent But Violent” Prindiville & Darl “Apocalypse” Gnau) defeated Team Sexyfulness (Michael Bracco & Chelsea “Grose Misconduct” Grose) to obtain the #1 Contendership to the Super Art Fight Tag Team Titles.

The growth of the tag division was never more apparent than in this bout, a conflict of differing personalities if there ever was one. Team Sexyfulness made their debut – the first real appearance of Michael Bracco since his loss of the SAF title at the end of the 2011 season, and…something clearly has changed. The arrogant, ridiculous duo of Grose and Bracco proved difficult for the representatives of Team IMPACT to lock down, but when the caps went on the markers, the most intimidating duo in Art Fight had their hands raised. Sometimes it’s not about what you say, but your actions, and for Gnau and Prindiville, their actions spoke way louder than their words.

BOUT 3: Team IMPACT (Jamie “Angry Zen Master” Noguchi & Mecha IMPACT) defeated The Business Ninjas (“Charm City Shinobi” Dann Malihom & “The Business” Henry Alexander) to become the NEW Super Art Fight Tag Team Champions.

This match started with quite the war of words, as Henry Alexander demonstrated to the audience (and his opponents) that business was good, as he had purchased brand new tag team titles for he and Dann. The enjoyment of those belts, however, was to be short lived. The SAF Idol duo of Alexander and Malihom proved to be too much for the veterans in Team IMPACT, and after a hard fought bout new champions were crowned. Noguchi promised in his video promo last week that the Era of Impact was beginning, and they have completely locked down the Tag division over the course of a night. What could they be doing next?

MAIN EVENT: “The Nicest Man in Art Fight” Brandon J. Carr defeated Jamie “Brawlin'” Baldwin to retain his Super Art Fight Championship. [Defense #1 for Carr]

The impressive SAF career of Brandon J. Carr continues to grow. Having freshly gained the SAF title from the most winningist champion in our 4-year history (Michael Bracco), Carr moved on to battling the former champion with the longest reign in Jamie Baldwin. Many times over the course of the night it appeared that Baldwin could have had the victory in the bag, and with both sides pulling out all of the tricks (including ADDITIONAL COLORS!), it came down to a misheard Wheel of Death topic to put Brandon J. Carr back over the top. Brandon J. Carr has a long way to go to have the most impressive SAF title reign, but just one defense in, he has made his name for sure.

Post-Show Notes

  • We want to thank the amazing Ottobar audience who joined us Friday night. We say it all the time that there is no place like home, but you proved it true, delivering some of the loudest reactions in SAF history. You guys were hype and excited, and performing for you was an absolute pleasure. We can’t wait to come back.
  • As mentioned above, Team IMPACT has the SAF Tag Title Division on lock down. But how are Gnau and Prindiville going to feel about having to face their teammates? And how do Noguchi and IMPACT feel about that anyway?
  • If that in-team tension wasn’t enough, Jamie Noguchi has a pending SAF title shot, having won the MAGFest Round Robin Tournament at the debut show of our 2012 Season. Can this SAF vet balance TWO titles?
  • Ghostfreehood – the man’s name, and now the man’s personality. Long lost in the mix of wacky costumes and hilarious antics, GFH now wants to be taken seriously and he’s aiming for the top. Brandon J. Carr should be looking out for the dark bearded one.
  • Locker room scouts have noticed that Jamie Baldwin and former SAF tag champ Kelsey Wailes have struck up a friendship as of late. Could they be forming a partnership? Stay tuned.
  • No, we don’t know when Michael Bracco became German either.

The SAF 2012 Season Continues on to ROFLCon in Boston and the HUGE Super Art Fest 12 Hour Marathon event on May 19th. What’s going to happen next? Keep your eyes here to find out.

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