THIS WEEKEND! Super Art Fight Invades Otakon…

…for the 75th Annual OTAKON Invitational!

That’s right, Team SAF has just barely recovered from our excursion up north to Connecticut for Connecticon 2012 (full write-up and photos to come), and this weekend, we find ourselves at the absolutely astounding and astonishing nerd monolith known as Otakon.

Servicing an estimated 28,000 fans, Otakon is the biggest geek event in our fair home city of Baltimore, and while we don’t think we’ll be able to perform in front of all of you this weekend, we are very excited to see as many of you as we can.

Here’s the important details for this weekend:

Our show will be LATE SATURDAY NIGHT/EARLY SUNDAY MORNING (that means, when you’re lining up, it’s Saturday night) from 12AM-2AM. It’s a late show, and that means it’s also an 18+ show, so be sure to get your fancy wristband from the convention. Otherwise, they won’t let you in.  This also means our crew will be a bit rowdier than usual.

Who’s booked on the card? A mixture of Super Art Fight’s best.

-Former SAF Champion and leader of Team Sexifulness, Michael “Spaghetti Kiss” Bracco.

-Super Art Fight Co-Founder, Ghostfreehood

-Former Super Art Fight tag champion and part time monster, Kelsey “Killer” Wailes

-A road favorite, Paradigm Shift‘s Dirk Tiede

You will see them battle in two singles battles, and in a FIRST-EVER Redemption Tag Match, the winners of Bouts 1 & 2 will face the losers of Bouts 1 & 2 in your main event!

For years, you have demanded, hoped, pushed for, and cheered us on in our attempts to play Otakon, and Saturday night, it’s your opportunity to show the convention you want more Super Art Fight action, so we hope you can come out in full force!

This will be a night to remember, and possibly the start of something even bigger, so bring yourself, bring your friends, get ready to cheer on the Wheel of Death and know that ANYTHING can and will happen – It’s SUPER ART FIGHT presents…THE 75TH ANNUAL OTAKON INVITATIONAL!

UPDATE, July 25th, 2012  – 3:03pm

Some of you have asked if you can help promote the show on the show floor. Why yes, yes you can. The above image is a sheet you can get printed at your local Kinkos or on your printer, cut 4 ways, and give out to everyone to let them know that the Greatest Live Art Competition in the Known Universe has arrived. Thanks in advance for your help!

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