Your Main Event For September 21st At The Ottobar Is…

Heading into our September 21st return to the Ottobar, the Super Art Fight Championship committee was at a crossroads. While this year has been absolutely amazing in the world of SAF competition, no clear number one contender had made themselves apparent. We’ve traveled across the United States, appearing at countless shows, but given that so many were away from our home base, determining a #1 contender seemed hard.

But then they looked back over the results, and found a very important card.

Back at our season 2012 opener at MAGFest this past January, a once-in-a-lifetime round robin tournament was held, including the talents of 2-Time former SAF champion Michael Bracco, former SAF champion Jamie Baldwin, SAF co-creator and former tag champion Ghostfreehood and former tag champion Kelsey Wailes. The man who won it all? JAMIE NOGUCHI.

Angry Zen Master. Co-Founder. The Inaugural SAF Champion. Connecticut Rumble Iron Man. Leader of Team IMPACT. The current co-holder of the SAF Tag Titles has worn many titles in his day, but none have been more important than the Super Art Fight Championship itself. And looking at his live event performance over the past year, it’s hard to discredit him. Reigning supreme in the star-studded MAGFest tournament this past January and leading Team IMPACT to Tag Team gold this past March, he’s having a hell of a 2012. But on September 21st, live at THE OTTOBAR, can he return to where he won the SAF championship four years earlier and bring the top prize to the most dominant faction in Super Art Fight history?

For Brandon J. Carr, current SAF champion, this is one of the biggest fights of his nearly one-year long Super Art Fight reign. As past champions can attest, a heavy head wears the creative crown, and on September 21st, the top prospect of his generation of art fighters will have to prove his dominance against the man who literally invented the game.

Back in June 2011, these two individuals headlined a show at the Red Palace in DC in one of the most wild and unpredictable bouts in the history of SAF. On September 21st, a year older, a year wiser and a year better, these stars will take to the canvas and only one will have their hand raised as champion.

YOUR MAIN EVENT: Brandon J. Carr defends the SAF Championship against Jamie “Angry Zen Master” Noguchi!

Join us live at The Ottobar in Baltimore, MD on September 21st for this momentous main event. Tickets are on sale now, and are just $15. BE THERE.

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