Hey! Look at the Calendar! On Friday Night, September 21st, Super Art Fight returns to the Ottobar for another art filled extravaganza alongside musical guests Peelander-Z and Noisy Zen.

Besides being a show you NEED to go to, that also means its time once again for us to open the doors up to you the fans, as we ask you to go into the darkest, most creative regions of your brain and submit brand new topics for our topic generator of doom…


Whether you’ve been submitting topics since show number one, or it’s your first time, we’d love to hear your suggestions.

Here’s what you need to know.

1. To add topic suggestions, simply reply to this post.

2. By submitting these topics, you allow Super Art Fight LLC the full rights to these topics, up to and including usage on multiple live events, possible merchandise, videos, live streams and other assorted miscellanea related to our live touring schedule.

3. Have more ideas later? Keep submitting!

4. Keep your ideas brief. Brevity allows for creativity. “Batman Eating A Banana Split While The Entire Cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation Breakdances In The Background” might sound funny, but allows for no creative interpretation from our artists, and is kind of impossible to draw in five minutes. A topic like “Fish Tank” however is short and sweet, and can allow multiple interpretations from the artists.


And either way, be sure to come out on September 21st at the Ottobar to see if your topics hit the canvas. Tickets are on sale now!

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34 Responses to Get Ready To FEED The WHEEL OF DEATH!

  1. Brad says:

    Now You’re Playing With Power, Nuclear Power
    Not-So-Epic Meal Time
    Jolly Rancher Suppositories
    Horrors of SkyMall
    LaQuanda, the Barbie from the Projects
    Facemelting 101
    Flashmobs Throughout the Ages
    Sidewalk Sale from Hell
    Your Opponent as a Batman Villain

  2. Noah Katz says:

    1) Hipster Heroes
    2) auto-erotic-asphysxiation-bots
    4)Lockup: Phantom Zone,Extended Stay
    5)MTV Cribs: Ethiopia edition
    6)Thelma and Luigi
    7)Bill and Ted’s Mediocre Adventure.
    8)Rejected School House Rock Characters
    9)Time Paradox
    10)The many deaths of Shia Lebouf
    11)Bowser’s Other Castle
    12)The Multiverse
    13)Xenomorph Pest Control

  3. James H says:

    * Rejected Olympic Sports
    * Pixar Gone Wild
    * Unlikely BFFs
    * Skeletor’s Day Job
    * Minecraft It!
    * Retardimus Prime
    * Sunday Funnies Slash

  4. 1) Anatomical nonsense
    2) Hamster Valhalla
    3) Nostril warfare
    4) Meme deficiency
    5) Mime deficiency
    6) Keyboard-face
    7) Politically motivated chairs

  5. geo-avenger says:

    1) Bobak Mountain
    2) Mime Rage
    3) Smurfy!

  6. – Bizarro Wonder Woman
    – The Special Laff-a-lympics
    – Kneel Before Rod… Stewart
    – Choco Taco vs. Deep Fried Oreos
    – Blues Clues Brothers
    – Toes
    – Poor Choices in Breakfast Cereals
    – Frito-Gay
    – Disney’s “The Little Barmaid”
    – Chinese Food
    – Alien vs. Skeletor
    – The Kentucky Roller Derby
    – He-Man Chibi style
    – Upper Class Twits
    – Baltimore Landmarks as Sexual Toys
    – Realistic Jake and Finn
    – Picasso Versions of Cartoons
    – Failed Cookie Spinoffs
    – Hats vs. Wigs
    – 300, The Musical
    – Trent Reznor Disco Style
    – Captain Canada
    – Draw the Woman with the Biggest Tits in the Audience
    – Kimono Dragon
    – McDonald’s Fillet-o-fish Mascot Rejects
    – Old Blue Eye’s Brown Eye
    – Attila the Baltimore Hon
    – Tits. Tits as far as the eye can see…
    – Draw the Game so Far in Reddit Rage Faces
    – Cat Butts
    – It’s ‘Merica!!
    – Tea Time

  7. – Earth-shattering Ka-Boombox
    – Bridge Over Troubled John Waters
    – Rude Egyptian Hieroglyphs
    – Jewish Televangelists
    – Religious Symbols if Jesus Died in Other Ways
    – Thanksgiving Table for BDSM Enthusiasts
    – Grape Fantasies
    – Samurai Proctologist
    – A Palindrome
    – Playboy Bunnies of the Renaissance
    – Legion of Doom Holds a Bake Sale
    – Discount Pagan Supply Hut
    – Steampunk iPad
    – Opposite Sex Star Wars Characters
    – Tikis/Totems Poles of Entry Level Jobs
    – Sonic the Hedge Fund
    – Darth Vegas
    – Mona Lisa Simpson
    – The Megadeth of Marat
    – Vomit Comet
    – Teddy Ruxpin Roosevelt
    – Dumpster Diving
    – Kimmy Gibbler

  8. – Fire Trucks vs. Garbage Trucks
    – Cashiers of the Damned
    – Shitty Shitty Bang Bang
    – Rhyme Time
    – Mick Jagger
    – Redneck Olympics
    – Track and Field Events for the Incontinent
    – The Beatles vs. Monty Python
    – TARDIS Outhouse
    – Lesser-Known Norse Gods
    – Urban Cowboys vs. Indian Tech Support
    – Food Good, Fire Bad

  9. My Little Timelord: Tardis is Magic
    All Hogs go to Hell
    Nicola Tesla’s mid-summer’s night dream
    There can be only One Ring
    Snap, Crackle and Krang
    We all Live in a Yellow RV
    Fore Score and Seven Samurai Ago
    Where are they Now?: GI Joe Edition
    Mr. Whimpy’s worst nightmare
    Fuck Shit Stack
    The Rickroll’s riickroll
    When memes come alive
    Nyan Cat’s destination

  10. Mass Ferret
    Mongoose and Gander
    Super Smashed Brothers
    Mario & Sonic at the Paralympic Games
    Team Forest Two
    Chopped: Video Game Edition
    River Tam meets River Song
    Max Headroom: The Twelfth Doctor
    Oompa Loompa Goomba
    Roast in the Shell: Carbohydrates Complex
    Mermaids of Crab Rangoon
    Deep Blue Something or Another
    Tales of Earthsea as drawn by Ursula Vernon

  11. Scott Rubin says:

    My Little Giants
    Domo Arigato Mr. Tomato
    Smurf Fortress
    Dinosaurs on Bicycles
    Your mama jokes
    Space Babies
    Chicken of the sea

  12. Brad says:

    Spongebob on Shrooms
    Mystery Science Theater 3000 BC
    Bangin’ in a Trash Can
    Call of Duty: Brown Ops
    Shitting to the Oldies
    Babies’ First Battleaxe
    Goth Girl Fashion Show
    Unlikely Service Animals
    Barack Obama’s Soul Train

  13. Noah says:

    Robo Romney
    50 shades of Bruce Wayne
    And Also Zoidberg
    Stephen Colbert: Vampire Hunter
    ACME Products
    Bill Nye: The Science Guy

  14. Noah says:

    Change that second one to “50 shades of Greyjoy”

  15. Noah says:

    Dark Wing Duck Rises
    Kim Jong Il Looking at Things
    Meanwhile, at SAF
    SAF: The Movie, Part 5

  16. Noah says:

    Rick Roll’s Sushi House

  17. Noah Katz says:

    Could an admin delete my last post? I didn’t realize there was already a Rick Roll reference in one of the other posts. Super Art Fight LLC does not have my permission to use “Rick Roll’s Sushi House”, all my other ideas are fair game and official submissions for the WOD.

  18. Mars Bi-Curiosity Rover
    Avatar: Legend of Dora
    Muppet Grindhouse
    PBS Deathmatch
    Not-So Happy Little Clouds

  19. RavageRorr says:

    Hungry Hungry Hippies
    Explosive Squids
    Cactus Cops
    Gears of Gummi Bears
    Ultra Man-Shark
    Holy Tap-Dancing Wizards
    Vomiting Poisonous Bumblebee

  20. Janny says:

    Angry Bananas w/Chainsaws
    Anything but Batman
    Combat Boobs
    Cute and Deadly
    Dalek Porn
    Decorative Giraffes
    Edible Transformers
    Make it Classy!!!
    Moon Pirates
    Rejected Lady Gaga Outfits
    Octopus Puppets
    Pretty Pretty Princesses
    Space Chickens
    Toilet Hell
    Tribble Roller-Derby
    Veal of DEATH!!!
    Viking Manatees

  21. Marty Day says:

    Jon Benet Rambo
    Cattle Battle

  22. Rob M. says:


  23. Rob says:

    Sherlock Hulk

    Tyler Perry’s Game of Thrones

    Se7enth Heaven

    Reservoir Dogs Go To Heaven

    Kill Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure

    The Godfather of the Bride

    The Lannisters on Jerry Springer

    Ernest Goes to the Matrix

    No country for old rugrats

    Cloverfield of Dreams

    Rocky Horror Muppet Show

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Twilight

    Mighty Morphin’ Texas Rangers

    Attack of the Phantom Matrix Sequels

    American Horror Story: Fievel Goes West

    The Island of Dr Suess

    The Dark Knight Rider

    The Blue’s Clues Brothers



  24. Brandon says:

    The Amish
    Lance Armstrong’s Missing Testicle
    Children on Leashes
    A Monkey Smoking a Cigar
    A Mopey Zoo Lion
    A Mating Display
    Passive-aggressive Post-it Notes
    Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II
    Freddy Mercury Bringing on the Girls

  25. Eli says:

    Bukkake snuff film

  26. Victor Tudor says:

    Cotton Candy Demons
    The Lord of the Pants
    Dork Lord of the Sith
    Frank Herbert’s Dune Buggy
    Mad Gasser of Matoon
    Pastor of Muppets
    Lord of the Fries
    My Little Pwny (not a typo)
    Other Skydiving Heads of State
    Palpatine’s Day Out
    Beelzebozo, the Clown from Hell
    Wainscoting Rapscallions
    Fullmetal Jacket (Fullmetal Alchemist parody)
    Knight of Avenues and Lesser Boulevards
    “He died doing what he loved”

  27. Rick says:

    Audience Members as Superheros/villains

  28. Frothing Loins
    teetering on the brink
    Fungus INVASION!!!!
    Visual Cacophony
    Alien sex toy combat
    Meat Cult

  29. John says:

    Rejected Mario Bros power ups
    Hulkamania Running Wild!
    Mr. Boh
    Three wolf moon

  30. Michael says:

    Chicken fingers and toes
    Personal outer space
    Bad visual puns
    Nintendo power glove
    The titanic sinking an iceberg
    A hug that lasts way too long
    Gender equality
    Water guns
    Pumpkin pie

  31. LeGruyere says:

    Toastface Killa
    Paula Deen’s Deadliest Recipe
    Wrong Way to Eat Reese’s
    Mitt Romney wearing Mittens
    Monocles on Everyone!
    Botched Jesus Painting

  32. consider_the_microbes says:

    chicken parme-Jean Claude Van Dam

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