A Sold Out Crowd Welcomes A NEW Champion: Full OTTOBAR Results!

Photo Courtesy of Greg Benge.

We knew that Friday Night, September 21st would be a huge night for Super Art Fight. Big things were in the air.  It was our first show at our home at the Ottobar in over six months. It was the beginning of the farewell tour for Peelander-Z‘s amazing bassist, Peelander Red. But we didn’t expect this.

Four and a half years after our first show in the legendary Ottobar’s upstairs area, we are proud to say that thanks to fans like you, we completely sold out the building. An evening featuring four amazing bouts, the Ottobar debut of Noisy Zen and an absolutely exciting and breathtaking performance from the legendary Peelander-Z, it was packed from the opening through to the ending, and we ALL gave you everything we had.

For those who missed this historic event, here are the results for the night.

Bout #1: Ash Sketch’Em defeated Ghostfreehood.

In a result which surprised most of the SAF locker room, as well as the audience in attendance, the 2012 SAF Idol Winner Ash Sketch’Em made a HUGE impact by defeating SAF co-creator, the dark and demonic Ghostfreehood. GFH showed Ash respect in the end with a friendly handshake, but the bout was hard fought for all 25 minutes, and really could have gone either way. When the smoke cleared, only one hand could be raised, and SAF’s newest competitor showed that she will be a force to reckon with for the rest of 2012 and into 2013.

Bout #2: Darl “Apocalypse” Gnau defeated “Charm City Shinobi” Dann Malihom

The battle of the SAF class of 2011 captivated the live audience, as these talents tackled the canvas and battled tooth and nail.  Gnau, interestingly without his Team IMPACT cohorts (nor wearing the Team IMPACT colors), was too much for the Charm City Shinobi to handle as he got the victory to end our first half.

Bout #3: Team Sexyfulness (Michael Bracco & Chelsea Grose) defeated Stompadon (Kelsey Wailes) and Derpadon (Jamie Baldwin)

Considered to be the most outrageous battle of the night (and those who follow Super Art Fight know, that is saying something), this tag battle had literally everything upto and including a kitchen sink.  Baldwin and Wailes showed an amazing partnership on the canvas, including Baldwin unveiling her new ‘Derpadon’ persona, but it was too much for the so sexy duo of Bracco and Grose.  Bracco and Grose now want a shot at the tag titles, but with the Tag Titles AND the #1 Contendership locked up by Team IMPACT, the SAF Championship committee has to make some fast decisions to figure out how to handle this lockdown of the tag division.

MAIN EVENT: Jamie “Angry Zen Master” Noguchi defeated “The Nicest Man in Super Art Fight” Brandon J. Carr to become the NEW Super Art Fight Champion!

Entering to the tones of “Kaiju (Crush, Kill Destroy)”, the leader of Team IMPACT Jamie Noguchi was ready for a fight, and he took Brandon J. Carr to the limit. Noguchi has proven to be the flaw in a near flawless career for Carr, giving him now his two biggest losses.  Nearly four years to the day that Jamie Noguchi was crowned the first ever SAF Champion, he stood tall in the Ottobar, only the second man to become a two time SAF Champ.

We want to thank everyone who came out on Friday night, and we hope to see you soon at our future events. We have a brief schedule on the right, but full details for all our upcoming shows can be seen on our Shows page. See you on stage, and see you REAL soon!

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