Full Card For This Weekend’s MAGFest Appearance, Our 2013 Season Kick Off!


The much awaited 2013 Season starts this Saturday, January 5th as a part of the gigantic MAGFest in National Harbor, Maryland.

Our fifth ever appearance at the convention, our show is set for 3pm in Panel Room 3.

But how will we kick off our Fifth Anniversary Season? With a kick-ass card featuring some of Super Art Fight’s best, brightest and newest talent. Here’s what’s going down.

Phil “Commando” Kahn versus Red Erin

Two of the SAF Idol 2012 finalists square off, each having found somewhat regular homes in the Super Art Fight locker room.  Wins for each of these relative rookies would definitely assist them in getting regular bookings in 2013, so will it be the boisterous Kahn or the friendly Erin to get the win? Look for both artists to give this bout everything they have in order to win over what has been, historically, one of our most ravenous audiences.

“Baron Von Sexyful” Michael Bracco versus Ash Sketch’Em

It’s upstart versus icon as the legendary leader of Team Sexyfulness, former two-time SAF champion Michael Bracco has his hands full with SAF Idol 2012 winner, Ash Sketch’Em.  While Sketch’Em’s Pokemon training persona certainly will help her win over the MAGFest faithful, she’s never faced a challenged one on one quite like the Baron.  That said, Bracco has been focused more on the world of tag team competition since his latest “reinvention”, so we’ll have to see if his singles skills still stack up.

MAIN EVENT: Tag Team Warfare – Team IMPACT (Jamie “Angry Zen Master” Noguchi & Mecha IMPACT) versus The Stompadons (Stompadon & Derpadon)

A MAGFest first, as the growth of our tag division allows us to bring it on the road in 2013.  Team IMPACT holds dominance over the tag team world, home to both of the last two tag champions, but can they match the nearly-extinct expertise of the Stompadons? This is sure to be a wild bout to end a wild show – MAGFest really will not be the same.

As always, our bouts will be hosted and commentated upon by Marty Day and Ross Nover, and word from the SAF locker room is that nearly two months on ice has made them ALL hungry. The tension hits a fever pitch as in the Fifth Anniversary Season, EVERYONE wants to make a name for themselves, and the road to victory begins at MAGFest. Join us Saturday at 3pm, won’t you?

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